Indian Bone Inlay Furniture

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We have one of Great Britain’s largest selection of Indian bone inlay furniture, in different colours and patterns. Choose from geometric or floral decorative ornament of hand crafted bone inlay pieces carved by master craftsmen, combining Indian art with skilled woodworking for divine results. Match your decorative tastes with the stylistic versatility of colour ways ranging from soft pastels to bold, bright, shades and add depth and character to interior décor.

Where to buy Indian Bone Inlay Furniture?

On these pages you’ll find one of Britain’s most impressive collections of authentic Indian bone inlay furniture, from chests of drawers and cupboards, desks and dressing tables, mirrors, bedside tables and more. All of our items have been expertly hand crafted from superior hardwood by artisan woodworkers in India, and each can be purchased in a wide variety of stunning colours with varying mosaic patterns, so you’ll be certain to find one that suits your interior furnishings. A perfect way to infuse your home with the spice and magic of India, these bone inlay furniture pieces will be treasured for years to come. Masterpieces in inlay woodworking, our exquisite Indian bone inlay furniture is available in a versatile range of styles and measurements, to suit your home requirements. Whether you would like to add a dash of colour to your interior décor, or would prefer a simple, subtle accent, we have a variety of options for you to choose from. For a touch of elegance, take a feature piece, like a bone inlay desk or dressing table and complement it with pale grey or white wood furnishings. Add a matching inlay mirror to the room for a cohesive décor dialogue. For a bolder look, a rich blue or black almirah cupboard, inlaid with striking floral designs in high contrast patterns, makes a dynamic statement in a bedroom. With almost limitless potential for what can be made, any piece of furniture you see on the website can be crafted in one of our stunning bone inlay designs to bespoke measurements. Choose from floral patterns which feature twisting vines and flowers, or our crisp designs in geometric patterns that feel right at home with both modern and traditional styles.

How is Indian Bone Inlay furniture made?

Eye-catching and sophisticated, our Indian bone inlay furniture is always crafted to the highest specification by some of the finest artisans in the world. The polished bone is cruelty-free, harmlessly harvested only from camels that have died of natural causes. Our Rajasthani master craftsmen artfully hand carve each piece of bone and lay it meticulously onto the wood with glue, hand dying the composite material that makes the striking colours, which contrast so beautifully to the bone inlay, finishing the piece with an immaculately smooth surface and without a veneer, so that the natural inlay is clear and untarnished. Every part of the bone inlay furniture is fashioned by incredibly skilled workers, making each piece truly unique. Hand crafted from beginning to end, all of our Indian bone inlay furniture is made using the same ancient techniques that were employed to craft the luxurious pieces of furniture that can still be viewed in the magnificent halls of India’s palaces, repleat with beauty and shimmering opulence. Indeed, our craftsmen are so talented that they are often commissioned by royalty and the wealthy to create their beautiful custom designs.

How To Order Bespoke Indian Bone Inlay Furniture?

Each of our gorgeous, hand crafted bone inlay pieces is striking enough to be displayed on its own or as part of a matching furniture suite, with accessories to complete the look, such as small boxes or mirrors to match. All of our Indian furniture styles can be ordered in a wide range of stunning colours that will add Indian beauty to your home. However, if you can’t find quite what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us to place a bespoke order. Just let us know your requirements and we’ll be happy to draw up a completely free, no-obligation quotation. Simply settle on your favourite colour and pattern and we can do the rest, having your bespoke Indian furniture made by hand to your ideal specifications. Each piece of hand made Indian furniture is crafted to perfection by artisans who take the greatest pride in their creations. Your finished piece of unique Indian inlay furniture will have been attended to with the care and attention to detail that signifies the work of master craftsmen.

At Iris Furnishings we are proud of our commitment to strict ethical and environmental standards, and we ensure that all of our products are environmentally friendly by only using sustainably grown wood harvested from mango and sheesham plantations. All of our Indian bone inlay furniture is cruelty-free, using camel bone that has been taken only from camels that have died from natural causes. We ensure that fair trade practices are always met by making personal visits to our Rajasthan workshops throughout the year and we rest assured that all our furniture is consistently of the highest quality.

How to clean Indian Bone Inlay Furniture?

Bone inlay furniture is surprisingly simple to clean. As a natural material, harsh chemicals should be shunned and soft, warm, soapy water used only when absolutely necessary. Take care to use a lint free cloth and avoid sponges. Natural, white, linen or cotton cloths are best. There is no veneer on the surface of Indian bone inlay furniture and the composite material that forms the resin prefers only a light dusting and occasional wipe when necessary. For extra protection, we recommend covering your inlay furniture surface with a removable sheet of thick-cut glass.
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