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The magical opulence of our bespoke and detailed sideboards capture the high levels of craftsmanship and tradition of Indian design. Iris furnishings currently offer a number of white metal and many hand-painted sideboards in an array of jewel-like rainbow colours. Our pieces finished in shimmering white metal are highly sought-after, decadent items, and these contemporary, mirrored sideboards are hand-crafted by our artisan wood and metal workers in Rajasthan. The talented and highly skilled craftspeople overlay the wood with a pliable nickel alloy and then polish the metal to a splendid shine. This creates the mirrored finish that you see here and that is sure to amaze every visitor to your home.

Where Can I Find A Beautiful Indian Sideboard?

The carefully crafted, solidly made iconic statements of Indian artisan furniture are popular in all styles of house and home, lending a rich opulence or decorative, welcoming feel to a dining room or living room, combining style, elegance and practicality in a long lasting piece of furniture, well-made and exquisitely finished in a variety of eye catching sideboard designs.

These sideboards can be made in a number of different finishes, such as the smooth, white metal finish, with a low sheen lustre for a chrome effect, or mother or pearl inlay for a sparkle of iridescence, refracting shifting light in subtle colours, while the ornate and colourful painted patterns designs offer the kind of homely feel that can only be achieved with solidly made decorated hand-crafted wooden furniture. But whether you are opting for elegant sophistication or a rustic appearance in your home décor, there should be a decorative style here to suit your taste and sensibilities.

All our sideboards are finely hand crafted from the highest quality, ethically resourced materials using traditional and contemporary methods combined for a piece of artisan furniture that is at once long lasting, resilient, durable, practical and absolutely beautiful to look at, boasting immaculate decorative ornament, expertly finished by true masters in their craft.

With ample internal space and hard wood shelves that can be ordered in dimensions to suit, these sideboards are the ideal furniture for storing the special dinner services, precious vases and other heavy, valuable items that need that extra protection from the rigours of family life.

Where Can I Order My Custom Made Sideboard?

With the versatility of style, finish and design, there’s a tremendous variety of sideboards to choose from here. And on top of that, you can be creative. Take any visual element you see in our collection and choose your decorative finish and the measurements you’d like for your custom-made sideboard and we will answer you with a quote.

We are happy to say, we don’t charge you any extra for a bespoke furniture service. Custom-made furniture is priced just the same as our pre-made pieces and we quote you accordingly.

We also help you finalise the finer details and you don’t have to decide on these until you’re absolutely ready to order. For an accurate quote, let us know the decorative finish and outer measurements of your preferred piece.

If there’s anything you’d like to know, ask or check over with us, please just give us a call or write us an email and we’ll be happy to help you with any part of the process.

We arrange delivery in the UK and Internationally on a day to suit you and when you have your bespoke sideboard made, we keep you updated on its progress, right up until it’s delivered to your door.

How Are Our Indian Sideboards Made?

The skilled craftsmen who fashion these extraordinary, unusual and in every case, unique artisan sideboards are schooled in the well-guarded arts of their ancestors and having perfected their techniques, create new and diverse designs on a daily basis, bringing fresh ideas and new interpretations to traditional, time-honoured symbolism and imagery of Indian art. With every piece treated like the fresh creation it is, the elements are often themed, but the arrangements of colour and pattern, the combinations and the finished effects are uniquely varied and no two items can be the same.

Our Rajasthani artisans take the raw materials for the structure as well as the decorative finish and fashion everything from scratch. The carpentry techniques employed are designed for longevity and hard-wearing wood furniture, while the delicacy of the nacre inlay carvings or intricate painted designs and ornate metal emboss work contrast beauty with practicality in a piece of furniture that is a joy to look at whilst boasting excellent functionality.

Strong and resilient, made of solid hard wood throughout and finished in exquisite designs of ornate patterns, these sideboards are proof that you don’t have to choose between quality or appearance - you can have both in one piece of well made furniture, built to last you a lifetime at least.

How to Create the Perfect Look with an Artisan Indian Sideboard?

White metal sideboards can be either smooth or embossed in intricate patterns with geometric borders and their finery creates an opulent light play with lanterns and candles, giving a sumptuous romantic feel to the atmosphere in low light.

Smooth chrome fits neatly into most interior décor styles and colour schemes, from the grey or neutral to the overtly colourful, reflecting the tones in the room around it and creating the feel of light and space, with a clutterless look for those who like things to feel tidy.

Sophisticated grey mother of pearl inlay offers a breath-taking shimmering light play in any kind of light. Seamless craftsmanship presents a sideboard of refinement and high quality, the product of many hours meticulous, highly skilled work and many centuries of honed, inherited techniques, rooted deeply in the rich ancestry of India’s royal halls. Like chrome-effect white metal, grey mother of pearl or camel bone inlay has the gift of sitting perfectly with any colour scheme and complementing the colours that surround it in an understated yet subtly prominent way.

For a more contemporary display and to create light and lift in a space, a white inlay sideboard will lend itself to most colour ways and have the added advantage of making itself a feature piece of furniture in rather undramatic way. The subtlety of inlay lies in the way the pattern catches the eye as a person moves around a room, or as the light shifts, offering little moments of surprise and delight.

For a more direct effect, the high contrast of black mother of pearl or camel bone inlay has a strikingly sophisticated appearance, accentuating the delicacy of the patterning while giving a sense of depth to the space, well placed with dark wood furniture for a rich, dark ambience in a dining room, for example.

While the everlasting variety of the painted Indian furniture designs make the most of the display space on the panelled sideboards to offer inimicable delight that can be matched into décor with any variety in its colourways. Rich, deep tones look particularly good as backdrops against these pieces, which can sit next to pine and other solid wood furniture very well. Whatever your preference, the handcrafted sideboards are built to last and are at home in a surprisingly varied repertoire of interior décor styles and themes. You don't need a house full of oriental furniture to make an ideal match. However, we wouldn't advise against it.
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