Painted Indian Bedside Chests

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Intricately hand carved, planed and polished, ethically sourced mango or sheesham wood is expertly assembled by Rajasthani artisans, masters in their craft and then painted an array of colours, with traditional floral and vine patterns, birds or vases adorning solidly made wooden furniture, built to look beautiful and function seamlessly. The protective veneer tones down the colours and makes each piece a versatile addition to a bedroom or living room. Hand made in India with love, care and passion, take your time pouring over our extensive collection and bear in mind each piece you see can be made to bespoke specifications.

Where to Buy Painted Indian Bedside Chests Online

At Iris Furnishings we offer an extensive range of beautifully hand crafted, authentic, painted Indian Bedside chests. Each one is carved and assembled from sustainably harvested mango or sheesham wood, making it durable as well as beautiful to look at and the bedside chests come in a wide array of style and design. With single to multiple drawers and different divisions of storage space, you can keep your phone and tablet as well as your favourite bedtime book in their rightful place, easy to reach for.

Ornamented with traditional Indian designs in multiple colourways, no two painted Indian bedside chests are exactly alike, for each one is created as a unique piece and treated with the enthusiasm and care that an original piece of Indian art inspires. Floral and vine patterns decorate bedside chests with blue, red, orange or green bases, all of which are finished with a veneer that protects the wood and the pattern and reduces the intensity of the colours, toning them down to make them suitable for a wide variety of interior décor schemes.

How We Can Help You With a Bespoke Indian Bedside Chest

Our painted furniture collection offers a vast array of choice but sometimes we simply need to have things just so. If you are looking for specific measurements, or you have a preference for how the drawers and cupboards are arranged, or perhaps you have seen a pattern and colourway you prefer on some of our other painted Indian furniture and would like your bedside chest to look like this, we can oblige. Just let us know what you require. We can help you with the finer details and provide you with a no obligation and no cost quote directly.

Your bespoke bedside chest will then be handmade in India and we will let you know when it is time for it to be shipped to you. We can even keep you upated with photos of its progress, if requested. We work closely with the artisans and with over 20 years experience, we can translate your preferences and have your unique furniture made for you at no additional charge for the service. As the craftsmen who fashion these pieces treat every item as a fresh creation, we are asking them to do only what they always do when we come to them with a bespoke request.

How Painted Indian Bedside Chests Affect Mood

A touch of pattern and detail personalises a space enormously and gives it a feeling of familiarity, which can be relaxing and reassuring, especially at the end of the day, when we are ready to rest and retire. Varied colours in the off-set arrangements on display here have the effect of lifting the mood and inspiring subtly differing responses in us every time we see them, making a painted Indian bedside chest something we are unlikely to ever tire of looking at.

Create a more peaceful mood with green or blue-based painted furniture, which fits very well with greys, ocean hues, saffron and Moroccan colours or off-whites. Or for a more stimulating effect, generate heat, passion and energy with the red and orange bedside chests, well paired with warm woods, such as cherry or rich pine and complementary to any colour in the spectrum, depending on whether you prefer to create contrast or cohesion in your look. But don’t let yourself be led entirely by us, trust your inspiration and let it take you to the right choice. Be guided by what you really love. At the end of every day, that will always end up being the right one. And remember; décor colours come and go, but a piece of painted Indian furniture is made to last and last.

Painted Indian bedside chests look fantastic against grey walls, which set off the colour arrangements to give their best definition in a room whilst toning down the effect. Deeper colours on walls or furnishings set these bedside chests off beautifully, with a sedate style that creates a feeling of warmth, depth and richness. Darker wood furniture complements these Indian treasures and generates an atmosphere of rich luxury, while warm wood gives a cottage feel to a place and a lifting effect to the whole ensemble when matched with these bedside chests, coupled comfortably with a welcome feeling of homeliness.

Who Makes Painted Indian Bedside Chests?

The stunning painted bedside chests are made in Rajasthan, the origin of the distinctive patterns that mark these out as unusually beautiful. Skilled workers flourish and become master craftsmen through the pursuit of this art, honing their abilities to a finely tuned precision and creating to perfection original pieces of decorative art with each hand made, hand finished piece of painted Indian furniture. These bedside chests are assembled from superior quality hard wood, which is planed, carved and polished, set with solid wood working joints and turned with carpentry skills that ensure the structural stability of the piece for generations to come. Indian wood furniture has always been fashioned to last and these designs are the ones you will find adorning the palaces of the Rajas.

The raw materials that go into each of our fair trade furniture pieces are sustainably harvested and ethically sourced. We keep closely involved with the process and know how our Indian furniture comes together. Not only is each piece a thing of beauty, it is ethically made and built to last.
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