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Why Choose Indian Furniture?

Welcome to the online home of Iris Furnishing, the go-to store for one of the finest collections of authentic Indian furniture available for purchase anywhere in the world. All of our Indian furniture is handmade by our skilled artisan woodworkers at our workshops in Rajasthan. We’ve had years of success sourcing beautifully crafted Indian furniture and the range of products in our portfolio is sure to leave you spoilt for choice.

Handmade Indian Bedside Table, White Metal Furniture and Lots More…

View our painted furniture, which features beautiful motifs of trailing vines, brightly-painted flowers, animals, and other traditional Indian designs, each handpainted to perfection by our highly-skilled artists and craftsmen. Whether you are looking to improve the indoors ambience with wooden chests, coffee tables, dining chairs, beds and cushions - or to deck your garden with exquisite stools, top class desks and more, we have you covered. Start your shopping for Indian furniture here. We also have gorgeous Mother of Pearl and bone inlay furniture, which features hand-carved and polished pieces of Mother of Pearl and cruelty-free camel bone that have been delicately arranged in traditional Rangoli and geometric designs, before being polished for a beautiful finish. All of these items come in excellent condition, at the best price. For the ultimate in luxury, explore our extensive range of exquisite white metal furniture, which has been hand-carved and coated with a white metal alloy, before being embossed with delicate patterns, hammered or polished to a high shine. We also stock an eloquent collection of wall mirrors, TV desks and decorative small storage boxes, crafted with white metal. With this vast array of beautiful Indian furniture, available across this online shop and in our Hove showroom, it’s easy to see why our products are immensely popular. Explore our online catalogue today and fall in love with a new, stunning piece of furniture from our portfolio. Call us when you find the choice that best suits your taste and we will be happy to oblige.

How Can We Help With Bespoke Indian Furniture?

Our wide range of genuine Indian furniture includes pieces of all sizes, both large and small. They include: mirrors, almirah cupboards, desks, living room chairs, console tables, Indian dining tables, coffee tables, side tables, cabinets, chest of drawers for your bedroom, sideboards, wardrobes, stools, bedside tables and cabinets, pedestals and much more. There is something for everyone. Whichever design you choose, whether a spacious wardrobe or delicate mirror, we’re sure you’ll be thrilled with every aspect of the item, from the quality and craftsmanship of the wood to the rich paint, in a variety of stunning colours. As well as providing the highest quality Indian furniture, it’s also our mission to help you find the perfect piece to suit your home and your style. On the rare occasion you can’t find quite what you’re looking for, we still have you covered. We offer bespoke Indian furniture and accessories ordering and personalising service, where we can combine your ideal type, size, style and colour of furniture, to create a perfect piece of Indian furniture that exactly fits your space and taste. We are also capable of taking industrial Indian furniture orders. Simply contact us with your dimensions and preferences and we’ll work according to your terms to create the Indian furniture of your dreams. We ensure speedy delivery.

Why Choose Iris Furnishing for Your Best Indian Furniture Supplies?

At Iris Furnishing, we aim to provide more than high quality, durable and gorgeous Indian furniture. We also aim to uphold the highest standards of fair trade and environmentally-friendly practices, so that we can make sure to leave our world a better place than when we found it. The beauty of our furniture, coupled with our great service, has left our customers coming back for more over the years. Across the UK and beyond, we are renowned for never being low on Indian furniture stock. As a customer friendly company, we have a favourable returns policy. We’re very proud of what we have to offer and hope you’ll be just as proud to display our Indian furniture in your home. Contact us by email to discuss your desired product today.
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