Shipping Info

Safe and Easy – set your own delivery slot by calling us on (01273) 671443 to arrange.


One simple £50 delivery charge nationwide. Book a morning or afternoon delivery slot! FREE local delivery.
Iris source beautiful handmade furniture from India which can be delicate and could be damaged if poorly handled during the delivery process.

For this reason, and from past experience, we use ‘Pallet delivery’. Your item will be secured to a pallet so it can not be bumped, dropped or bashed by careless couriers! More than one item can be transported this way so quite often there will only be one £50 pallet delivery charge per order of multiple items.

Customers can book the delivery day and a.m or p.m options with the Pallet company and also receive a tracking number to monitor the delivery on line. Customers should be aware that the pallet delivery is only to the front door and you will need to arrange assistance to get larger items into the house.

If you live near Brighton, Sussex, Surrey or London it may be cheaper to request a van delivery quote – for instance usually £25.00.

If you are in Brighton we can arrange free delivery if you call us.


We offer a ‘no quibble’ returns policy within 7 days of delivery – this only applies to the UK.

International Shipping

If your country is not listed don’t worry, please telephone or email us with your shipping address for us to quote you the price for your item. Usually international shipping is £100 – £150.