Painted Indian Furniture

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Make your own unique statement with our delightful hand painted Indian furniture. Painting directly onto the Mango or Shee Sham wood, our Indian artists painstakingly create these stunning modern floral designs in rich colours to transform every piece into a beautiful focal point of any room.

Learn about Painted Indian Furniture

Welcome to Iris Furnishing, where you’ll find one of the finest collections of authentic Indian furniture in the UK. We hope you enjoy exploring these pages, where you’ll find our wide selection of beautiful painted Indian furniture, which feature gorgeous designs from trailing vines, brightly-painted flowers and animals, and other traditional Indian motifs, each hand painted to perfection by our Indian artists and craftsmen. Our hand-painted Indian furniture includes a wide range of pieces from large to small, including wardrobes, cabinets, cupboards, sideboards, chests of drawers, bedside tables and chests, and more. Offering something for everyone, all of our painted Indian furniture is as durable as it is beautiful, and our practical designs offer ample space for your storage needs.

How can we help you find the right piece of Indian furniture for your home?

It’s our mission to help you find just the right piece to suit you, your home and your style, so we offer an extensive selection to ensure that you can find the painted furniture item you’re after. We also offer bespoke orders for our clients at no additional charge and are always happy to work with you to create the ideal piece, combining custom dimensions with your choice of painted colours and patterns. Simply contact us with your desired dimensions and we’ll help you create the furniture you need.

Who makes Indian Painted Furniture

The master craftsmen of Rajasthan are Arts Academy trained and learn an integration of traditional crafts methods, which have been handed down from generation, to generation since the 10th Century, along side international woodworking and carpentry techniques. The handicrafts of different areas in Rajasthan developed into signature styles specific to each area and the furniture we sell at Iris Furnishings is largely representative of the decorative art of Udaipur and Jodpur. Skilled, experienced artisans work deftly with raw materials to fashion the Indian wood furniture you can see in our collection.

How Indian Painted Furniture Affects Mood

Sheesham or mango wood is hand carved or hand painted to create intricately ornamented Indian furniture, displaying some of the finest examples of Indian art in pieces which are solid and functional as well as beautiful, with refined aesthetics resulting in a physical attractiveness that creates allure and enchantment in the home.

Like the rich tapestry of vivacious colours, patterns and ornaments that represent India’s rich visual culture, Indian painted furniture creates a rich aesthetic in the home that brings warmth, colour, life and excitement into interior furnishings. Bright colours lift the mood, inspiring a broad array of emotional responses, increasing our range of feelings when we inhabit a room and Indian furniture is ideal for those who want to feel alive and vital in their living space. The warm tones of Indian painted furniture create a sense of being held and feeling cosy in our home.

The colours are arranged differently each time with subtle variations in pattern even when the same piece is being made. The artists see each creation as unique, even when we ensure the same dimensions and specifications, so the process is a creative one, rather than simply a production of furniture, resulting in an authentic, unique piece of superbly high quality hand made Indian painted furniture. Finished with a varnish that mutes the top notes of the colour with a veneer that not only protects the pattern and the wood but lends it its own lustre, the result is a colour arrangement muted enough to fit in well with most interior décor schemes. Indian painted furniture is easily complemented with the addition of some patterned and coloured furnishings here and there in a room.

How Indian Painted Furniture is Made

The wood is cut, planed and assembled with solid wood working joints and the raw materials combine to create a heavy-set piece of wood furniture. The surface is either carved with knives and hand tools or hand painted in the signature Indian motifs of birds, flowers, vases and vines.

Indian hard wood is harvested from sustainably farmed sheesham or mango plantations, often taken from trees that are not fruiting in the case of mango wood. This wood is known for its resilience to decay, changes in temperature and fluctuations in humidity. It is strong and ideal for use in furniture that is built to last for years to come. Moreover, the trees regrow reasonably fast and are replanted, in accordance with India’s national reforestation policies and initiatives that ensure ethical harvesting and planting of trees in a bid to make India green. Small plantation owners will sell their wood, often at auction and the process is legally monitored at every stage.The skilled workers who build our wood furniture source high quality hardwood and we oversee this ourselves with frequent trips to the workshops in Rajasthan.

What's the story behind Indian Furniture?

All of our painted Indian furniture has been lovingly hand-crafted by our excellent Indian woodworkers, some of whom are so renowned that they’ve been commissioned by royalty to create one of their beautiful pieces. All of our craftsmen follow ancient Indian techniques for furniture-making, so each of our pieces is made in the same way as the gorgeous antiques that can be viewed in India’s stunning palaces. We’re sure you’ll be thrilled with your new addition to your home. But at Iris Furnishing we strive to offer more than high quality, beautiful and durable furniture – we also seek to uphold the highest standards of fair trade and environmentally sustainable practices to ensure that we leave this world a better place than we found it. We’re proud of the work that we do, and we hope you’ll be equally proud to display one of our painted Indian furniture items as a centrepiece in your home.
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