Indian Bone Inlay Mirrors

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Iris Furnishing offers a wide selection of ethically made camel bone inlay mirrors. Hand crafted from Indian hardwood in Rajasthan and made to look good as well as last, these mirrors are an ideal accompaniment to a larger piece of bone inlay furniture and a quick, easy way to make a stylistic match with an inlay chest of drawers, coffee table or dressing table. Visually versatile they can enhance neutral décor and add softness with style and sophistication. If you’re not sure whether inlay is for you, this is an ideal first step for those who feel drawn to infuse their home with a touch of Indian opulence.

Looking For An Inlay Mirror That’s Beautiful and Well Made?

Made by hand in Rajasthan to the finest specifications by experts who are highly trained in their art, these bone inlay mirrors are fashioned from resilient Indian hardwood and cut to measure, with seamlessly matched inlay patterning from hand cut pieces of ethically harvested camel bone. Set in an array of colours from the soft to the vibrant, there is a something to match every home décor scheme and we offer a luxury bespoke furniture service at no additional charge. Woodworking skills that have inherited their expertise from a lineage of royalty-endorsed artisan craftsmen boast fine carpentry techniques as well as smooth, beautiful stylistic finishes, for a mirror that is well made with physical attractiveness in a fine example of this decorative art.

How To Create An Authentic Indian Look with A Bone Inlay Mirror

A handmade Indian bone inlay mirror can be just the item to complement a larger bone inlay piece of furniture and give the aesthetics cohesion in a room you want to infuse with a little oriental style. Create a matching look with a Rajasthani mirror placed artfully across, along from or even just above a dressing table in a bedroom, a coffee table in a living room, or a desk in a study and with two simple measures, the Indian furniture can be made to match a variety of stylistic approaches in any room. This means you don’t need to furnish your room with a whole suite of bone inlay furniture just to have everything match, but can make the most of the stylistic versatility that Indian furniture offers in its natural adaptability.

For the perfect matching look to a room, we offer a bespoke furniture ordering service and this is not charged. For a no obligation quote, just get in touch and let us know the piece you were interested in. Mirrors can be made to measure, with any stylistic feature you can see in our collection, such as bird shapes, scallops, or plain and for the range of colours, have a look at what’s on offer and decide what suits you best. Making your mirror to order, the artisans in Rajasthan will let us know when this is ready to be shipped to you and we’ll keep you informed every step of the way. So whether you’re looking for a floor length Indian mirror with straight edges or a soft, scalloped wall mirror, we can help you create just the right look for your home. For a touch of subtle continuity in your interior décor, when ordering a bespoke item of furniture, you could take the opportunity to have a smaller item made to match exactly, such as a bone inlay wooden jewellery box and create a matching motif for the room of your choice.

A bone inlay mirror is a beautifully subtle way to introduce just a hint of the orient into your furnishings and if you’re not sure about going all the way and ordering a suite of matching furniture, or if you’d like a little more time to think about that perfect inlay chest of drawers, then this is a lovely item to have on the wall for you to get used to while you’re deciding about larger pieces.

How Are Bone Inlay Mirrors Made?

Resilient mango or sheesham wood is fashioned into a strong, hardwood base and then overlaid with delicately shaped floral patterns or geometric shapes. The colour comes from a composite material that forms a hard resin. With a smooth, tactile surface, pleasing to the touch as well as elegant ornament, carefully and exactly arranged, the bone inlay mirror is an artefact to be proud of. With care, it will last for many years to come and is an investment in a piece of furniture made to be enjoyed in the future, not just for the moment.

How Can Bone Inlay Mirrors Be Ethical?

The camel bone shapes that make the naturally variant tones in the inlay patterns are harvested harmlessly from camels who have died of natural causes. Strict laws govern the treatment and trading of these animals in India and we are highly conscientious about exactly what goes into every single piece of Indian furniture we sell. We visit the workshops in Rajasthan regularly and are involved in the creative process closely, so we know where the raw materials for our bone inlay furniture come from and that no harm has come to any animal in the making of these pieces.

We apply our high standards to the rest of the raw materials used in our inlay Indian furniture and this means the wood is sustainably farmed from trees that are replanted in keeping with India’s reforestation programmes. And beyond this, we look after the people who are a part of what makes Iris Furnishing proud to offer one of the largest collections on Indian inlay furniture in the UK. This means fair trade practises ensure everyone prospers in the making of our furniture and we are committed to maintaining the highest standards in every aspect of our trade.

As well as bone inlay, we also feature a stunning and diverse selection of mother of pearl inlay mirrors and other hardwood furniture, so for yet more choice, do have a look at this selection and bear in mind, anything you see here can be made to order in bespoke dimensions with your personal stylistic choices, made up from what you see in our collection, but put together in the perfect way just for you.
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