Indian Bone Inlay Almirah Cupboards

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Our collection of fine Indian bone inlay almirah cupboards offers all the breadth of choice needed to ensure you find exactly the right cupboard or wardrobe for you. Each item you see is available to order in the colour and pattern of your choice and bespoke measurements can be requested with no fuss. A stunning feature piece for any room, the bone inlay almirah can be subtle or bold, as you wish, in an array of colours to suit décor schemes from the neutral to the well defined. Made from solid Indian hardwood, these ethical artisan made masterpieces are pleasure giving, mood enhancing Almirah cupboards, designed to delight you for many, many years to come.

What is an Indian Bone Inlay Almirah Cupboard?

Almirah is the Indian name for a cupboard or wardrobe (unfitted). Here we offer both our standard and bespoke options on the beautiful bone inlay Almirah cupboards, available to order in both the light and dark tones of a large spectrum of colours. The cupboards are fitted with two sturdy hard wood shelves, double doors and a capacious drawer for large storage. The smaller versions come with a wide internal cupboard and top drawer. However, external measurements and internal features can be adapted to suit your needs and we can create your bespoke Indian bone inlay almirah cupboard to your dimensions and requirements. If a wardrobe rail is preferred to shelves, simply let us know. Rails can be designed to be removable and replaceable with shelving, giving you the option of converting your Almirah into either a cupboard or a wardrobe, as circumstance demands. If you think this would suit you, just get in touch and we can arrange it.

Bone Inlay is created using natural pieces of 100% cruelty free camel bone, hand carved into the delicate pieces of inlay and expertly laid on Indian hard wood, set and filled with a composite material that gives the breadth of colours you see here. It sounds simple enough but the process requires incredible skill and meticulous craftsmanship, honed throughout the ages and inherited from a tradition that extends back to the 10th Century, kept very much alive through continued Royal patronage and now, through Western appreciation of the extraordinary opulence of the art, made available for homes and hearths worldwide with manufacturing workshops keeping alive traditional skills and carpentry techniques alongside inspired innovations from the artists themselves.

Where to Buy an Bone Inlay Almirah Cupboard?

At Iris Furnishing our large selection of Indian bone inlay almirah cupboards is extended by the vast possibilities for ordering your bespoke version. We stock a wide variety of almirah cupboards in all manner of colours and sizes, with pattern variations of all kinds and any design you see in our collection can be made to order. These beautiful cupboards and wardrobes are hand made in Rajastan by the finest artisan craftsmen with ethically sourced raw materials, expertly woven into a creation of fine Indian art in these highly ornamented bone inlay Almirahs.

Based in Sussex, we travel to India frequently, enjoying the warm hospitality of our colleagues and friends there and playing an involved part in the creation of your bone inlay furniture. We know where all the materials come from, how they are assembled and what can and can’t be done. We can vouch with absolute certainty that all the camel bone used in our bone inlay furniture is harmlessly harvested from camels that have died of natural causes and the ethical sourcing of all raw materials is part of what makes us proud, as a Brighton-based company, to offer the stunning creations of the master craftsmen of India to an international clientèle.

How Do I Choose the Right Bone Inlay Almirah Cupboard for Me?

With a vast array of colours and patterns to choose from, there is barely a limit on what you can order. The best way forward is generally to settle upon the outer design and then browse our collection of inlay furniture, seeing what colours and patterns catch your eye. Do you like the soft, floral ornamentation, or do you prefer the dynamic geometric patterns. Does bone inlay suit you best, with its off-white, naturally varied tones or perhaps you’d prefer mother of pearl inlay, with its iridescent allure. These are the things to consider when choosing your bone inlay Almirah cupboard.

Whatever you choose, an expanse of ornament such as this in a room will make a statement in the space and so be as bold as you want, because there’s no hiding the beauty. It will very likely make a feature piece that draws the eye and receives attention, so the rules are, choose what you really love the look of. For the very subtlest of stylistic effects, especially good in a light or white room, a white bone inlay almirah will show only the slightest contrast between the white of the resin and the pale natural hues of the inlay, revealing the pattern clearly only on closer inspection. Any other colour will create a pleasing contrast, increased or decreased depending on the depth of colour you choose. High contrast colours such as black, blue or dark grey make for a stunning combination and can be beautifully offset against chrome, greys and neutral colours in décor schemes.

Choosing a bold colour, such as a blue or a green opens you up to an endless opportunity for colour combinations that can either base themselves upon contrast and variety, bringing the spirit of Indian vivacity into the home, or alternatively create cohesion, where Indian opulence meets Western aesthetic qualities and brings a whisper of the orient into sedate colour-ways. Either way, the bone inlay Almirah speaks of luxury and confidence, with a style that lasts, transcending fashion fads with timeless appeal and versatile adaptability.

The reason we recommend choosing with your heart, is that an Indian Almirah Cupboard is solidly fashioned from hard wood and made to last and last and last. So whatever you choose is going to outlive changing fashions. But fashions that find their way into our furnishings should always reflect what we truly love and your feature piece will adapt to constantly changing variety that way.

How to Clean and Care For Your Bone Inlay Almirah Cupboard?

One of the beautiful things about an Indian bone inlay Almirah is that it requires very little maintenance. All the hard work goes into the Almirah during its creation. The almirah itself is fashioned from hard wood, either mango or sheesham and this resists decay and does not require much by way of protection from fluctuations in humidity or temperature. It is extremely strong, durable and resilient, requiring no real maintenance, except in extreme circumstances. There are no outer veneers on our inlay furniture and the resins are made from a composite material that does not require cleaning. If something is spilled then wiping this with a soft cloth and warm water should be sufficient. For any mark or stain more substantial, an extremely fine and gentle sanding is recommended, but only in extreme circumstances. Harsh chemicals should be avoided. Bone inlay, being naturally pigmented with slight variations, will subtly bleach if left in direct sunlight over time. The effect is barely noticeable but can add to its aesthetic appeal.
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