Indian Bone Inlay Bedside Tables

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On this page you’ll find one of the finest authentic collections of genuine Indian bone inlay bedside tables available online today. Each of our gorgeous bedside tables have been carefully hand crafted and inlaid with 100% cruelty-free camel bone, and each piece is available in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your life and your taste. These gorgeous bone inlay bedside tables are as practical as they are beautiful, and each one has been expertly hand-crafted to the highest standard, ensuring that each bedside table will be enjoyed for years to come.

Finding What You Like in Our Bone Inlay Bedside Tables Collection…

Beautifully bordered with finely crafted techniques that have their roots in the long distant past, these bone inlay bedside tables and chests are still made with the same care and precision that catered to the demanding standards of the Rajahs. At Iris we delight in constantly providing the finest quality bone inlay furniture and because we want you to be as excited about these beautiful creations as we always are, we stock a huge range of styles and colours, so that there will always be something for everyone here, no matter what your preferences.

From the defined, contrasting darker colours that really set off the fine detailing in the bone inlay patterning, to the softer pastel hues that speak of subtlety, to the barely perceptible white background that only reveals the extent of its extraordinary detailing on closer inspection, the Indian bone inlay bedside chest can find its way into any interior décor scheme and make a stunning complementary or feature piece, depending on your choices.

Ordering a Bespoke Indian Bone Inlay Bedside Table

Of course, even with so much choice, we understand that sometimes a bedside table needs to be just the right height, width and depth, and perhaps a particular arrangement of shelves, drawers or cupboard space is required and for these instances, we offer a no cost luxury bespoke furniture ordering service. Just let us know your measurements and whether it is bone inlay you would like or, for example mother of pearl inlay or perhaps one of our painted designs (available in plain colours) or even white metal and we will let you know directly the cost, the deposit and how long you can expect to wait for delivery of your perfect piece of Indian hardwood furniture.

How Do We Make Sure Our Bone Inlay Bedside Tables are Ethical, Sustainable and Fair Trade?

The harmlessly harvested camel bone is taken from camels that have died of natural causes. Strict laws govern the protection of animals in treatment and trading in India and we work closely with the skilled workers who make these beautiful pieces of furniture, so we know first hand how the materials are resourced and that everything is ethically sourced.

This applies as much to the wood that fashions the furniture as it does the inlay that ornaments it. Wood is sustainably harvested and auctioned within the protective policies that are in place to support India’s reforestation programmes. We use mango and sheesham wood, which are replanted and regrow quickly. The wood is ideal for furniture, thanks to its many surprising qualities; it is resistant to decay, it is tough, resilient and holds its shape and integrity through atmospheric fluctuations and it can be expected to last and last. The materials used in our Indian wood furniture are of the highest quality and sustainably and ethically sourced and we follow fair trade practises to ensure that everyone working with Iris thrives in doing what they do.

The handicrafts that have been long developed in Rajasthan over the centuries are encouraged to flourish with the increased interest in Indian bone inlay furniture and other Indian inlay pieces. Specific techniques and crafts have grown up regionally in Rajasthan and remain unique to those regions even today. Protecting this cultural heritage is part of what fair trade is all about and where the makers have benefitted from international enthusiasm for their art, small organisations have grown into training academies, for example. We maintain a policy of honour that reflects the passion which originally inspired us to bring these unique and beautiful pieces to an international clientèle.

How Are Our Indian Bone Inlay Bedside Tables Made?

The ethically harvested hardwood is cut, planed, carved and polished to form the solid structure of the bone inlay bedside tables. These are fashioned with carpentry techniques that result in solid woodworking joints and strong furniture, able to carry a substantial weight both internally and externally. Finely planed pieces of camel bone are intricately and expertly carved with knives and basic tools to form the pieces you see that make up our detailed patterns. These are laid onto the wood and set with glue and the gaps are then filled with a dyed resin, which is a composite material, dyed in batches in all the colours you can see in our collection. The whole is then sanded to a super-fine finish, for a smooth, tactile surface.

Great care is invested in the flawless arrangement of the geometric shapes or floral patterns, so that patterning matches across draws and cupboards in the furniture and everything is carefully aligned. The handles are fitted either as crystal style handles, for a fractured light effect, or as matching bone inlay and wood handles, in the same colour combination as the rest of the piece. You can choose your preference at the time of ordering.

What More Can We Tell You About Indian Bone Inlay Bedside Tables?

If you would like to know more about any of our pieces of bone inlay furniture, or if you have any questions about Iris Furnishing or anything else in our collection, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask us. We have over 20 years experience in this field and our enthusiasm for what we offer is something we’re always happy to share with you. We can help you with the details while you’re deciding what you’d like. If you’re near Sussex, then do come and see us in our showroom. We’re situated in the North Laine, Brighton - an area worth a visit in its own right. Not only do we have a collection of soft furnishings and Indian handicrafts but a range of furniture that exemplifies our wide variety.
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