Raspberry Bone two drawer bedside


These Raspberry bone bedside tables bring a pop of colour to the bedroom. The deep Raspberry colour offers a warm background to the creamy hues of the bone petals laid out in this traditional India mosaic. The bone is sourced from Rajasthani desert camels that have lived long and happy lives and this resource has been used for centuries in the tradiitions of bone inlay furniture making in India. Imagine for a moment the pain staking skill that goes into the manufacture of these tables. Each tiny petal of bone has been cut and sanded by hand before being laid out in this floral pattern of repeating petals and diamonds. The resin is then mixed with the coloured pigment before being applied over the patterned area on the wooden frame of the table, and finally its sanded back to give a smooth finish.

If you wish to order complimentary items in this colour we can do that with our bespoke order service. Please see the bespoke section on the main menu.