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Our ethically made authentic Indian hardwood bone inlay desks are available in a range of colours and patterns to suit any taste. With five spacious and solid drawers, you can safely house your equipment and take pleasure in using a desk made beautifully, to last through the generations to come and for those with unique requirements, we offer a no costs bespoke service for our customers.


Indian Bone Inlay

Grey Bone Inlay Desk

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Colour Matching Your Bone Inlay Desk?

Our gorgeous bone inlay desks can be ordered in a vast array of colours and sizes, so you can be sure to find one that suits your style and your home. Each desk features five drawers, providing plenty of room for storage for your papers, pens, books and anything else you need to stow away. For a neutral and elegant accent to your room, view our grey bone inlay desk. Its smokey-grey finish subtly contrasts with the pale floral patterns, formed of hand carved, cruelty-free camel bone, making it a perfect luxury addition to any home. For a bolder look, consider pairing one of our gorgeous bone inlay designs – such as traditional vines and flowers or perhaps one of our designs made from concisely placed, crisply arranged geometric shapes – with a bright colour such as purple or blue for an exquisite, original desk to be treasured for generations. Match the colour of your choice with complementary furnishings to create an instant cohesive quality in your interior décor.

Each of our exquisite bone inlay desks comes with five hardwood drawers, with ample room to store your materials even if they’re heavy or delicate, making them not only beautiful but practical and capable of meeting your storage needs. The wide selection of colours allows you to create a look that suits you – whether you want a subtle but sophisticated grey bone inlay desk that takes your room up a notch, or whether you want to make a strong statement with a deep blue bone inlay desk that everyone will be sure to notice, we can provide you with a desk that you’ll treasure for years to come. For extra flair, pair your new bone inlay desk with a matching bone inlay mirror to create a stunning focal point in your home.

When making your colour selection, peruse our bone inlay wood furniture collection and choose a colour you see that suits you. To order this desk in your preferred colour, simply call or email us and state your preferences.

Where Are Our Bone Inlay Desks Made?

Each of our bone inlay desks is hand crafted to the highest standard of carpentry by our expert woodworkers in Rajasthan. Each item is made using hundreds of fragments of camel bone that have been carefully hand carved and polished before being laid onto the wood. These Indian artisans are famous across the world for their skill and their attention to details, and are frequently commissioned by royalty to create beautiful bespoke items to add to their collections. Each piece of furniture is created for beauty as well as strength and made using the same techniques that were used by Indian woodworkers hundreds of years ago to craft the fine chairs and wardrobes that exemplify Indian art. These ornamented furnishings can still be viewed today across the glorious palaces of Rajasthan, where the works of art are still the height of fashion, losing nothing over time with a stylistic longevity that matches the materials from which they’re made.

Can I Order Bespoke Indian Bone Inlay Desks?

The extraordinary bone inlay desks that we sell at Iris Furnishings make striking additions to any home, adding depth and richness to your style. Each can be a centrepiece on its own or can be paired with a matching bone inlay mirror for an elegant finishing touch. Like all of the decorative art furniture we sell, all of our desks are available in a wide assortment of colours and styles, but if you aren’t able to find what you’re looking for on our website then do not hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to place a bespoke order for our customers in our efforts to match you with the ideal piece for your home.

Just get in touch to let us know your requirements; the measurements, the colour you prefer and any other important details such as how many drawers you need and what depth do you require. Our artisans in Rajasthan are versatile and extremely skilled, happy to undertake original projects and produce something a unique piece of Indian wood furniture for you.

How Do We Ensure Our Bone Inlay Desks are Ethically Made and Fairly Traded?

Iris Furnishings is proud to say that we meet the highest standards of fair trade and environmental sustainability. All of our Indian bone inlay furniture is cruelty-free and eco-friendly, made from bone taken from camels that died of natural causes in the Rajasthan region and from sustainably grown wood from Indian mango and sheesham forests and plantations. We guarantee that our commitments to fair trade are upheld through visits to our workshops throughout the year. During these trips we meet personally with our craftsmen and suppliers to ensure quality, sustainability and ethical practises throughout the manufacturing process. With carefully sourced materials of the highest standards in both quality and ethics, hand made by master craftsmen who are well paid for what they do, our Indian furniture is something you can always be proud to feature in your home.

Customer Reviews

Very happy customers! Bought a 7 drawer inlay chest of drawers. It's stunning and service and staff fantastic! Will buy again.
Sarah Lisette
Sarah Lisette
10:10 15 Sep 18
Beautiful objects from India. Much care goes into the making and sourcing of all their goods. Easy access. Friendly staff.
Great Service. Found these guys online and went to the shop and found some beautiful pieces.
Ciaran Clarke
Ciaran Clarke
10:33 10 Sep 18
When I originally started to look for some Indian inspired furniture for our house, I was halfway over to Lahore before I found the koh-i-noor of a company that is Iris Furnishing. The fact that this is a UK based company which ships in from India had me enraptured, and then when visiting their site I almost exploded with wide eyed happiness. The White Metal Embossed Sideboard we purchased is magically constructed, a frequent point of discussion for any guests and is a beautiful enhancement to all rooms. The service we received from the chaps who ran the company was top class, and I only wished I was at home when they delivered, to thank them personally. Do yourself a favour and buy something from Iris, it would turn your house into a Mahal.
11:06 15 Jan 18
I've had an impresive experience with Iris Furnishing. Just today I received my big custom order, A very large dresser and two large night tables. They are white with mother pearl and I am so happy and thankful, they are very attractive and unique pieces.Iris Furnishing shipped my order from their store to Madrid, Spain where I reside. So I didnt have to pay import taxes, a big bonus!. I love the hand made inlay pieces. I am actually thinking what else could I order...Thanks Iris Furniture you provide wonderful handcraft products and a great service. :-)
Silvia Herreros
Silvia Herreros
01:16 19 Sep 17
Ordered two bedside chests from here and they arrived today and I am absolutely over the moon with them - they are so gorgeous and they look amazing in my bedroom. Charley was really helpful with the order and the delivery - thank you so much Charley for making the process so easy. I am one super happy customer!! 😊
Rosie Evans
Rosie Evans
18:40 24 Sep 15