Indian Bone Inlay Console Tables

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Our 100% cruelty free camel bone Inlay furniture comes in an array of soft and sumptous colour-ways for you to choose the perfect match for your décor and furnishings. Each one represents an investment. As a piece of furniture made to last from ethically sourced raw materials, hand fashioned into beautiful works of art, our Indian bone inlay console tables offer something unique and original with which you can ornament your home. Stylistically versatile and a constant delight to the eye, create a truly heart warming mood in any room with a piece of authentic Indian furniture.

Where to Buy Indian Bone Inlay Console Tables?

Iris Furnishings offers one of the largest collections of fine quality, Rajasthani, hand crafted Bone inlay furniture and the console tables in our range come in a variety of colours, patterns and finishes. Bone inlay console tables can be ordered in not only the colours you see here, but any colour you can find on any of our inlay furniture on this website. Hand made in Rajasthan by artisans of the highest order, who fulfil royal commissions and work to stunningly high standards, these completed works of Indian art make their way over the high seas to be delivered to your door.

Based in Sussex, England, we deliver in the UK and internationally. For a chance to pop in and have a look first hand at some of our beautiful hand made Indian bone inlay console tables and other furniture, come and visit our shop in Brighton, where if there’s a particular piece you’ve seen on our website and you’d like to have a preview by appointment, we can arrange for your chosen piece of bone inlay furniture to be on display for you.

How to Order your Bespoke Indian Bone Inlay Console Table?

We offer one, two or three drawer bone inlay console tables but you can adjust these designs to suit your needs, so just talk to us about what you really want and we can help it happen. We have over 20 years experience in our field and work closely with the master craftsmen in Rajasthan who fashion these pieces by hand from raw materials, carefully chosen for their quality, durability and longevity. We know what can be done and make the ordering process easy for you. We can give you an accurate and very reasonable quote as soon as you know what your external measurements are and from there, we help you finish the design, with details like the number of drawers and the type of handles. We then translate this to the skilled workers in Rajasthan, who will create the bespoke piece with all the passion, care and consideration that goes into each hand crafted piece of authentic Indian furniture made in their workshops. We are informed every step of the way and we can see how your bespoke furniture is developing, letting you know when it’s ready to be shipped.

All you have to do is decide exactly what it is you’d love to see in your home.

How Can We Help You Choose Your Ideal Bone Inlay Console Table?

The huge array of choice needn’t be dazzling and there are two ways to start choosing your ideal piece of bone inlay furniture. We recommend the first way: choose with your heart. If something delights you again and again when you see it in our collection, you can be sure it will offer you continued pleasure in your living room, kitchen or hallway. And not only for you, but for your guests. Colour schemes change over the years, but a piece of solidly made, beautifully crafted Indian bone inlay furniture will last for generations and is well suited to match changing fashions in furnishings.

The other way to proceed is to consider the colour scheme you have already chosen for your interior décor and work the Indian bone inlay console into that scene. Most of the coloured resins used in the inlay are soft-hued and will fit well with neutral décor. However, if you want to stay truly neutral, then it is a matter only of how discreet you want your inlay furniture effect to be. For a truly sophisticated subtlety, the white console table offsets the pale, natural hues in the bone inlay with barely a whisper of contrast, creating softly spoken natural patterning for stunning, under-played ornamentation.

For a more defined contrast, perfect for neutral décor and grey walls, the grey Indian bone inlay console table sets the pale inlay off against a soft, versatile monotone that can sit in with almost any colour scheme. The pattern is clearly visible but not too loud, making it a stylistic match for anything from a floral to a minimalist theme. We encourage boldness however and think you might be surprised at how well strong colours can match your existing furnishings. Especially if you choose the colours you love the most. It only takes a handful of furnishing accessories to create a cohesive look in a room, so go ahead and be brave; choose what you really want.

Where do the Raw Materials for our Indian Bone Inlay Console Tables Come From?

Bone inlay comes from camels who have died of natural causes and is harmlessly harvested in accordance with strict laws protecting the rights of animals in India. We assure ourselves personally with regular visits to Rajasthan, the heartland of India and home to the Thar desert, that the raw materials reaching us are ethically collected as well as ecologically sound. All our bone inlay furniture is 100% cruelty free and we are conscientious that our company celebrates its success in upholding fair trading standards for furniture that is produced ethically and ecologically.

Not only the inlay, but the hard wood that forms the solid structure of each Indian bone inlay console table and indeed of all our furniture, is grown sustainably and harvested in accordance with the forestation laws in India that seek to ensure India becomes and stays green. Small plantations of Mango and Sheesham wood are mostly responsible for the high quality supplies bought at auction from small farmers in India. Sometimes it is grown on the outskirts of farms to create shade and is cut down as a crop, to regrow again quickly. Their fast rate of regrowth makes these trees popular for trading but their key features are their strength and durability, their stability in changing temperature and humidity and their resistance to decay.

How Are Bone Inlay Console Tables Made?

The master craftsmen who are daily creating in the Rajasthani workshops are highly trained experts who have learnt their craft from their ancestors and honed it to perfection. A specialist academy in India furnishes skilled workers with the advanced abilities in carpentry that enable them to integrate traditional carpentry techniques with modern innovations in woodworking and design.

A solidly turned woodworking joint results in a piece of furniture that lasts for years to come and our Indian bone inlay console tables are sturdy and strong despite the delicacy of their appearance. Skilled hands carve the shapes you see in floral or geometric patterns and lay them expertly onto the wood using simple tools like knives and glue. The gaps are filled with a composite material, which is a resin dyed by batch to give the bright colours that reflect the beautiful aesthetics of Indian culture in a specially made, hand crafted piece of original, authentic bone inlay furniture.
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