11 Ambitious Indian Furniture Designs for a Luxury Spa

Indian materials and craftsmanship are sought by an array of people from across the world. They seek not only the highest quality, but also a certain unique style. One which involves exquisite detailing, bold design and a compelling use of colour. For this reason, Iris Furnishing makes much of its bespoke furniture in Jodhpur – the blue city of Rajasthan. This walled city with its rich and regal past was once home to the Mughal empire. Hence why many of India’s most famous views are framed by the Mughal arch; a curved, yet crenellated design that is seen throughout the world from China to Morocco.

Here we see it in the bathroom of a Russian spa where our intricate jigsaw cut teak allows for the colours and textures of the tiles to both soothe and rejuvenate. The wood provides a warmth while the tiles imbue the space with a grounding sense of purity. The gold panelling of the bespoke wall cupboards brings a certain opulence; perfect for a luxury spa.

Backlighting as well as a mirrored wall and ceiling add extra dimensions creating a space that is both reflective and inviting.

For the massage room of this Russian spa, our client wanted guests to feel relaxed and enveloped by the space, so that they may fully let go during their treatment and leave feeling rejuvenated. In collaboration with our suppliers, we therefore created a design in which the bespoke furniture adds richness and depth to the colour scheme. Here the terracotta walls are surrounding you with their creamy, earthy tones while the dark brown-almost-red colour of the teak furniture provides just the right amount of reassurance and invigoration.

The room needed to be luxurious, which it achieves through the plush bedding and huge wall hanging, as well as the ornate woodwork evident in the ceiling and wall pieces. But it also needed to radiate warmth and invite you in. Through the jigsaw cut mughal arch design we were able to integrate the lighting so that guests would be drawn in to the space. The darkness and symmetry of the ceiling design also has a comforting effect, willing guests to close their eyes and relax. While the overall effect of a golden and rich red is restorative, yet energising.

In this treatment room we wanted to emphasise the element of purity and bring a sense of calm, which is why the white colour scheme of the walls contrasts so well with our bespoke furniture.

The panelling, skirting boards and window/ ceiling frames create a space that is contained and ordered, while also tying the room together. The built in cupboards bring a sense of peace and serenity through the intricate flower design while the free standing furniture is robust and perfectly matching. Together with the tiled sink area and the tiled floor, the teak wood adds warmth and grandeur to the occasion.

For the jacuzzi/ hot tub of this Russian spa project, we wanted the space to feel lavish, luscious and almost heavenly. This is why we opted for such a distinctive interplay between the bespoke furniture and the colour scheme. The rich chocolate brown of the teak wood brings an earthy reassurance to the opulent cream, while the design of the wood is sometimes smooth and elsewhere, dynamic and intricate.

The carved spiral pillars have a sensuous strength reminiscent of rippling water while the jigsaw cut wood adds pattern and texture to the room. This is especially so in the ceiling where the wood forms a lattice over a mirror. The mirror reflects back the blue of the water which is echoed in the picture on the wall. Here there is a playful evocation of an amorous couple that adds intimacy and a certain frisson to the space. This notion is reinforced by the privacy of the semi-transparent walls.

The delightful detailing and symmetry in the carved wood contrasts well with the sleek panelling which borders the pool and which is mirrored in the ceiling design. The overall effect is of a palatial space that honours the body.

It is worth noting also that teak is particularly valued for its durability and water resistance. Hence its perfect application here.

In this smaller treatment room, we were able to continue some of the design motifs from the other rooms by creating bespoke furniture, which optimised the space. This is the joy of choosing hand-crafted made to measure furniture designed to your style; our skilled team in Rajasthan have worked with wood all their lives and teak especially, which is used extensively throughout India, due to its versatility and variety.

Here the wood has been stained a rich dark brown which contrasts elegantly with the white, cream and gold colour scheme. These lighter colours expand the space, while the dark wood lends a sense of grandeur. To further open up the space, our team cleverly designed a floor length mirror within the bespoke cupboards, while the jigsaw cut pattern throughout the space adds texture and pattern.

Here we see the same room as in the previous image, just from the opposite angle. Again a mirror has been used to make the space seem bigger, but we can also see more of the other bespoke furniture. The bespoke chest of drawers under the basin has carved spiral pillars and exquisite gold inlays, making the room feel like a treasure trove, while the table and chairs have all been designed to match perfectly with their particular detailing.

Here we have a treatment room in which the bespoke furniture and the colour scheme have been designed to create a completely different aura to those we have seen before. For this room, sound and smell are just as important as sight and touch. To signal the presence of the incense pot that is suspended in the centre of the room as well as the gentle harmonic vibrations of tactile sound therapy, the bespoke furniture has been painted a fragrant lavender colour with brass and gold detailing.

The mughal arches display the Indian heritage of the wood, while the extensive use of twisted rope style carvings exhibit the craftsmanship of our Indian team. This is also evident in the centrepiece of the room: the treatment table. Here the lustre and grain of the natural wood is allowed to shine, as by having hand-painted wood furniture throughout the rest of the space, the table can take centre stage.

In this opulent bathroom of a Russian spa, we worked with the client’s vision and with our suppliers in Jodhpur to create this stunning design.

Our craftsmen are very skilled at creating beautiful hand-painted wooden furniture with exquisite detailing. Built to last from quality materials, each piece of bespoke furniture is unique and beguiling. Here the powerful contrast in colour between the intricate gold inlays and the cyan blue is extravagant and yet appropriate for a luxury spa bathroom. The pieces are highlighted further by the bright turquoise panelling and tile work.

Here we see the same bathroom, but from the other angle. The tilework continues to contrast well with the white walls creating a refreshing energy while the chest of drawers under the basin shows intricate woodwork that matches the other pieces in the room.

The reception room of a spa is supremely important as it is the first space a guest enters. Therefore, it must be not only welcoming, comfortable and elegant, but also spacious and functional. This, again, is why custom made furniture from our suppliers and craftsmen in India provide the best solution for so many spas, restaurants, hotels, cafes and, of course, homes.

For this Russian spa we were able to design a four poster bed-style seating area with huge spiral carved wooden pillars. With the addition of luxuriant curtains this waiting area can therefore be sectioned off which not only allows the luxury of privacy, but also allows the busy reception area to be kept separate.

Other bespoke furniture pieces and panelling tie the room together, adding warmth and richness to the space. This is further highlighted through the gold colour scheme, the lighting and through the wall pieces and glass table. The overall impression on entering the spa is reassuring and

Here we see the same reception, but from the other side of the room. The impressive size of the reception desk is more visible, as is the intricate detailing and gold inlay. There is a perfect balance between smooth, sleek surfaces, hinting at the frictionless service, and the curved spiral wooden pillars, which highlight the importance of movement and dynamic healing that will take place within this spa.