We thought we would share with you some of our special bespoke creations over the last few years. These enquiries take many forms. Some customers prefer to simply explain their requirements for bone inlay furniture with words. “I love your Almirahs but can I have one in lilac?” Or, “I would like a mother of pearl inlay bedside cupboard, just like the ones on your website but I want it a bit taller, 75cm instead of 60cm, so the cupboard section is bigger- the drawer remains same size.” Simple as can be, and here is the result, a taller charcoal mother of pearl bedside cupboard.

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Then tradition of Mirror Glass inlay is over 300 years old, though  little is known about it outside of Udaipur. It has mainly be used in adorning wall panels in Udaipur’s many oppulent palaces. The City Palace by the shores of lake Pichola in Udaipur has some stunning examples of glass inlay wall panels, rangoli patterns of hand cut mirror fragments were laid out by palace craftsmen to create stunning and often colourful mosaics. This famous peacock with its explosion of colours is an early creation for the City Palace. Each individual piece of mirror is hand cut with a scissor like tool that takes skill and care, and the end result is a reflective, shimmering  expression of Rajasthani style. Like Indian bone inlay, glass inlay can be applied to furniture too. Here is an example of a glass inlay geometric chest of drawers. Imagine the patience, skill and artistic mastery required to create this complex geometric pattern by hand.

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