We have come across all sorts of bone inlay accessories on our Rajasthani travels. Beautiful bone fruit bowls in a variety of colors offer an eye catching statement of Indian style. Mother of pearl and camel bone inlay furniture can be beautifully complimented with small and useful inlaid trays or pen holders or tissue boxes. As you can see here any pattern and colour can be applied and they come in all shapes and sizes.  Continue reading “Free inlaid accessories from Iris!” »

Iris is starting the year as we mean to go on, taking delivery of a container of beautiful Indian inlay furniture. Mother of pearl and camel bone inlaid furniture in a plethora of colours, much of it bespoke made to measure orders. The black bone inlay sideboard with 6 drawers was designed by the customer over a few emails with Iris. Simple sketches were exchanged until we had the design agreed and photos are sent just after manufacture to check the customer is happy with the product before it leaves India. Continue reading “New Year, more bespoke furniture” »