Using semi precious stones in our bespoke furniture means that each piece is both an artwork and of functional use. The fire agate in the wall hanging here is not only beautiful, but bursting with bright orange and red colours which impart confidence and enthusiasm into the room, filling it with desire. To cool down the energy provided by the wall hanging, we designed a coffee table using a radiant blue and white agate. This draws light to the centre of the room; allowing the table to be a focal point that brings together those who sit around it. Agate is known for balancing energy so the pairing of blue and red in this client’s home has an intensifying effect.
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Indian materials and craftsmanship are sought by an array of people from across the world. They seek not only the highest quality, but also a certain unique style. One which involves exquisite detailing, bold design and a compelling use of colour. For this reason, Iris Furnishing makes much of its bespoke furniture in Jodhpur – the blue city of Rajasthan. This walled city with its rich and regal past was once home to the Mughal empire. Hence why many of India’s most famous views are framed by the Mughal arch; a curved, yet crenellated design that is seen throughout the world from China to Morocco.

Here we see it in the bathroom of a Russian spa where our intricate jigsaw cut teak allows for the colours and textures of the tiles to both soothe and rejuvenate. The wood provides a warmth while the tiles imbue the space with a grounding sense of purity. The gold panelling of the bespoke wall cupboards brings a certain opulence; perfect for a luxury spa.

Backlighting as well as a mirrored wall and ceiling add extra dimensions creating a space that is both reflective and inviting.
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