23 Amazing Indian Furnishings Made With Precious Stones

Using semi precious stones in our bespoke furniture means that each piece is both an artwork and of functional use. The fire agate in the wall hanging here is not only beautiful, but bursting with bright orange and red colours which impart confidence and enthusiasm into the room, filling it with desire. To cool down the energy provided by the wall hanging, we designed a coffee table using a radiant blue and white agate. This draws light to the centre of the room; allowing the table to be a focal point that brings together those who sit around it. Agate is known for balancing energy so the pairing of blue and red in this client’s home has an intensifying effect.

This blue agate bathroom is a wall of colour that, by the nature of the precious stone used, brings a soothing energy to the space. By joining pieces of agate together to display regular, consistent banding, our craftsman in India add further harmony and peace to the room. Also by creating matching bespoke furniture from the same design, we create a sense of depth and a feeling of being wrapped in the healing energies of the stone.

Creating a dreamy out of this world space is possible when using large pieces of sandy brown and cream agate. Clever lighting highlights the expansive natural colours of the carefully selected stone and makes the client’s room both dazzling and reassuring, bringing to mind fireflies or the moon and clouds in the night sky.


The beauty of bespoke furniture is that we can create made to measure pieces, like this tiger’s eye table-cum-chest of drawers, and match it with other items to grand and glamourous effect. Matching items throughout a room tie it together and create a sense of fluidity that is especially reassuring when using tiger’s eye, whose silky lustre is known for its balancing energy.


A fuller view of this bespoke furniture reveals the dramatic effect that can be achieved using this particular precious stone. The rich brown colour of tiger’s eye with its golden stripes parades light while the design of the strip panelling multiplies the effect. As a wall piece that runs into matching cabinets and lamp shades, the space is sumptuous and inviting.


This bathroom design is opulent, yet remarkably grounding due to the selection of white, green and brown agate. Neutral non-slip tiles set off the vibrant agate bathtub and surround. Sliced and panelled together to create just the right balance of earthy colours, this bespoke furniture entreats you to unwind and rejuvenate.


Precious stones
used sparingly for a mirror and basin feature such as this perfectly show the power of the agate stone. The beautiful blend of blue and green bring a lush energy that is balancing and meditative, all the more so for being backlit.


A magnificent example of how tall wall panels of Indian blue agate can lift a room and give it a princely splendour. Again, the backlighting works to bring a sense of wonder while allowing the mix of colours to calm and encourage those who enter the space.


Agate works so well when used as strips of colour in otherwise neutral interiors. The effect of the creamy blue colour running down behind the shower and for the length of a bathroom counter is particularly striking here.


Some samples of different agates, malachite and tiger’s eye on display in the workshop of our supplier in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Known as the lake city or city of lakes because of the impressive network of natural lakes situated there, these lakes create a romantic setting. Also, from the waters come the many semi precious stones used in our bespoke furniture.


and blue agate for a table top in an office or conference room makes any kind of business more pleasurable. Indian agate gives strength and security to proceedings, as it is known as a protection stone. As well as bringing courage, it also has calming and encouraging properties.


Agate can be used to great effect in simple, yet imposing wall panels, but it can also be shaped by our talented craftsman into billowing curved shapes like this beautiful bathroom basin. The soft and delicate purple within the basin top design contrasts marvellously with the more austere black agate wall to create a unique and luxurious space.


and blue lace agate is backlit to gorgeously grand effect in this bespoke furniture piece. The creamy white and blue colours of agate work wonderfully in a bathroom setting, as they lend a natural purity to the cleansing that takes place there.


Sometimes the consistency of one colour, in this case, a white agate, can help create a bespoke furniture piece which is both comforting and distinctive. The dreamy cream colour is luxurious, but also works well with the warmth of the wood and is, of course, magical when backlit.


Cream and white agate here is given extra warmth and radiance from the backlighting in this bathroom counter. The semi precious stone from our Udaipur workshop has been crafted to have a soothing and peaceful energy perfect for drifting off before bed.


A mix of brown and golden agate slices have been majestically crafted together to create a three piece coffee table set for a client who wanted resplendent bespoke furniture in which guests could feel energised and at home.


The two pieces of bespoke furniture here show how backlighting and colour can be used to maximise the best feature of a space. The coffee table, made from indian blue agate from the lakes of Udaipur, brings the sea into the room, further amplifying the calming and uplifting effect of this semi precious stone, while the backlit brown agate stand by the window brings the warmth of the beach and the sun from outside, lending stability and encouragement to this living area.


The rich lustre of blue in this beautiful agate basin has been painstakingly put together by the workmen of our Udaipur supplier. With water rushing over it the piece will sing with a soothing energy that lifts one’s spirit. Said to have positive, supportive vibrations, agate is the perfect extravagance for one’s home, as well as for spas, restaurants, hotels, cafes and any space wishing to benefit from this powerful healing stone.


Dedicated to their craft, the team in our Udaipur workshop are here putting the final touches to a magnificent agate table created for a client in the above image. The blend of white, grey, brown and green ensure this piece has a serene and soothing earthiness that makes it perfect for bringing people together in harmony to break bread.


A palette of white, stainless steel and grey perfectly sets off this made to measure agate basin. The bespoke furniture we create is always impressive, yet meditative due to the nature of the semi precious stones we have access to in Rajasthan.


Semi precious stones such as agate (shown here), but also malachite, rose quartz and tiger’s eye can have a dazzling effect in bars, such as this one in the above image. The luxury and healing properties of the stone are, of course, wondrously beneficial in a home setting, but in a communal public space, they can have various effects depending on the colour and arrangement. The soft grey blue here is soothing and encouraging, while greens in this space could be both stimulating and harmonising.