New White Metal Style, “Brushed White Metal”

On a recent trip to Rajasthan we discovered this new embossing style. Instead of pressing floral patterns into the nickel alloy, local artisans created a brushed effect that looks like a silvery corduroy.

The smooth panels in this chest offer a stylish contrast to the brushed areas, a pleasing combination of matt and reflective surfaces.

This close up shows the raised areas in the brushed effect which soften the over all feel of the furniture by creating a less mirrored finish.

At Iris we can apply this brushed finish to bespoke items too. You can have the entire item covered in the brushed effect, or choose a combination of brushed, smooth and embossed like on this stylish sideboard.


The wonderful thing about visiting Rajasthan regularly is there is always something new to feast your eyes on. We came across this striking brass furniture on our last trip to Jodhpur.

Constructed in the same way as our White Metal furniture this Brass furniture is also embossed in decorative floral and geometric designs. If you would like to add the Rose Gold hue of Brass furniture to your home please contact us for a quote on a bespoke item (