Blue Mirror inlay small chest of drawers


Totally unique and one of a kind, this small, blue Indian chest is inlaid with fragments of mirrored glass. Each fragment of glass is hand cut with special glass cutting scissors, and then laid out by skilled craftsmen in these rangoli patterns. The effect as you walk past this chest is to see a shimmer of repeating reflections. If you become the proud owner of this hand crafted inlaid chest of drawers you could also order another glass inlaid item in the same colour using our bespoke order service.

The ancient tradition used in the manufacture of this chest, known as glass inlay, was first used in the 1600’s in the Palaces of Udaipur. Whole rooms were adorned in coloured, mirrored glass inlay patterns. Peacocks were crafted in this same fashion (if you wish to see images of Glass inlay Peacocks we would be happy to share them with you.)

  • Pre-Order: 10-12 weeks