Indian Mother of Pearl Inlay Chest of Drawers

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Iris Furnishings are extremely proud to present their luxuriously alluring, bespoke range of furniture featuring elaborate mother of pearl designs using their expert workmanship and seamless finish. Iris Furnishings feature a wide variety of statement storage pieces, including our stunning array of chests of drawers, hand carved by our master craftsmen in Rajasthan. The bright, distinctive colouring of nacre or more commonly known as ‘mother of pearl’, can accentuate its surroundings, and support any design scheme or interior theme in your home. The traditional artisan building process involves patience; lovingly-perfected, stage by stage for a simply sublime end product.

Want to Know More About Mother of Pearl Chests of Drawers?

Please just ask us anything. We know that when choosing your perfect new piece of furniture, you are investing time, care and effort in the decision making process and it’s important to have the details attended to. If there’s any information you need that you cannot find on our website, please just contact us, by phone or by email and we will let you know everything you need to know to help you finalise your decision.

Why are Mother of Pearl Chests of Drawers So Popular?

Mother of Pearl captures the magic of childhood enchantment in a sophisticated way. The part of us that continues to be delighted by beauty in iridescent light and changing colours is able to indulge while maintaining our elegant, refined sensibilities.

The light subtly catches the shimmering nacre in ever changing effects playing across these mother of pearl chests of drawers, with their generous, expansive surfaces. Neatly aligned patterns seamlessly match across joins and drawers and these pieces of solidly crafted Indian hardwood furniture make a breath-catching feature piece in the room of your choice.

The versatility of mother of pearl to match a wide breadth of interior décor stylistics is another reason for its popularity in ornamental furniture. It is an ideal way to introduce pattern, beauty and detail, whilst retaining your original home style. For example, for understated sophistication, the white mother of pearl chests of drawers reveals the geometric shapes or floral designs with the minimum of contrast and sets off the natural variations in hue that make every carved piece of mother of pearl unique. It is discreet with its muted effects and subtle hues, it will not just suit but enhance any reasonably light colour scheme and will create a feeling of spaciousness.

Whereas a grey mother of pearl chest of drawers will look smart and decorative, whilst matching any and all colourways you care to think of in your interior décor. And for the bolder choices of the coloured chests of drawers, you have stunning originality with striking aesthetics, which never manages to be too dramatic, thanks to the way the surface expanse is broken up with the detailing in decorative ornament. This enables you to introduce colour into a room without it dominating the space and invites you to be more daring with your choices than you might have thought possible.

And finally, mother of pearl furniture is traditionally made and comes from a cultural lineage that produces furniture built for posterity. It’s going to last a long time. The hardwood furniture is solid throughout and designed not just to be resilient and functional, but to hold its shape in integrity - and therefore its value - for years and years to follow, making mother of pearl chests of drawers more of an investment than a whimsical indulgence.

Where Does the Mother of Pearl in our Chests of Drawers Come From?

Mother of pearl, also known as nacre, is often collected from pearl oyster shells, which produce an iridescent surface. This shell is then cut and carved into the shapes you see ornamenting the mother of pearl inlay furniture in our collections. The shells, while curved, have a sufficient expanse of surface to allow for the mostly flat pieces to be cut and then planed before being arranged on the wood, which is then filled with the composite material that makes the resin, and the whole piece is sanded completely smooth at the final stages. The endless variation in patterns of light, colour and tone in the shell mean that each mother of pearl chest of drawers is absolutely unique in its finest detail.

How Can We Help You Order Your Perfect, Bespoke Mother of Pearl Chests of Drawers?

A luxury, bespoke mother of pearl chest of drawers, made to measure in the colour and pattern design of your choice, is available at no extra cost for the service and enables you to take care of those detailed extra touches, such as which drawer handles you prefer. How many drawers do you prefer to have? When you’re thinking about where you want your new furniture to go and what you want to use it for, there’s sometimes no other way to approach furniture buying than by having a bespoke order. Far from being expensive or difficult, it is a free service and we can make it easy for you. When you know what the measurements need to be, we can let you know exactly what the finished piece will cost and when you are likely to receive it by. What’s more, the amount is payable in instalments.

Are Our Mother of Pearl Chests of Drawers Ethical?

Iris Furnishings is proud to adhere to the highest ethical, fair trade and environmental standards. We ensure that these standards are upheld through visits throughout the year to our workshops in northern India, where we personally meet with our craftsmen and suppliers. All of our furniture is made solely from sustainably harvested Indian mango and sheesham wood, making our entire line environmentally friendly. In short, you can always be proud to have our furniture in your home.
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