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These exquisite hand-inlaid mirrors can stand alone as a distinguishing contrast to a modern room or as a perfect complement to a matching inlaid piece of furniture.

Steeped in jewel-rich colours, hand-finished with layers of varnished perfectionism, embossed inlays of opalescent Mother of Pearl and ethically-sourced bone detailing; the warmth, the intricacies and magic of Indian culture are only an online shopping cart-click away. The fantastic, beautiful range of colour and styling available from the Iris Furnishing range of Indian crafted and sourced furniture is fast becoming a specialist, extravagant and stunningly exclusive collection that is becoming highly sought-after - both in the Brighton area, and moreover, nationwide. Furnishings that justly demand attention, this stunning array of items made lovingly by our expert craftsmen now boast a large collection of home furniture that is frankly, fit for royalty. From larger wardrobes to intricate side-tables, mirrors and stools, no detail is left to chance with these eye-catching, memorable pieces, all of which are made by our trusted and revered artisan manufacturer’s workshops in Rajasthan. Our craftsmen are regularly commissioned by both royalty and the aristocracy in India, whom also acknowledge their sublime mix of traditional Indian patterns combined with the hi-end, glossy, contemporary finish to home accessories that both ooze glamour and attract attention.

Their luxuriously handcrafted pieces are not just limited to our extensive item list online, but our clients and customers are encouraged to order items to their bespoke, original set of requirements, and this is particularly the case when larger orders are being placed. Used to adhering to bespoke specifications, our artisan workmen are not only prolifically skilled in their original designs but also enjoy making items of excellent quality to your tailor-made colour and style requirements.Our heavily embellished, elegant collection of mirrors exude femininity and would suit any room as a featured focal point. Whether a minimalist, modern home or a plush young princess’ paradise, our mirrors can work as an additional flourish of flora and fauna mosaic effects, or for a more subtle lavishness larger, geometric mirrors will suit an opulent bathroom or hallway in any monochrome, slick bachelor pad. The Iris Furnishing collection of mirrors are handcrafted from start to finish, and the mosaics of Mother of Pearl are created with ultimate attention to detail. Our highly sought- after collection also beholds some strikingly beautiful, traditionally made, ‘Rangoli’ bone inlay Mirrors. These bones are sourced and verified as recycled and used only from camels that have died due to natural causes.

The wooden bases are painted in an array of different colourway choices, from powder pinks to stark, minimalist black, offsetting the stunning shimmer of natural mother of pearl or camel-bone inlays. These beautiful materials contrast perfectly, creating a wonderful infusion that combines traditional, Indian designs and scallop-curved edges, beset amongst vibrant backgrounds to compliment the inlays; these mirrors reflect superbly in any modern home that wishes to exude an imposing glamour and an exotic taste for fine craftsmanship and Indian design. Iris Furnishing imports their ever popular selection of mirrors to the UK and holds a wealth of examples in their stunning Brighton showroom, however, our full range of mirrors are available to order in a huge variety of styles, colourways and sizes. The camel bone mirrors are stylistically more geometric in design, while Mother of Pearl is more suitable for the use of naturalistic and floral designs.
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