Small Indian Mirrors

A small Indian mirror makes the ideal gift, whether for wedding, anniversary, christening or a birthday. Made with love by expert master craftsmen from natural materials in traditional floral designs, as well as geometric and chequered patterns, these mirrors come in a variety of colours and are small enough to introduce to any interior décor theme. A perfect accessory for a larger item of matching inlay furniture, we recommend ordering one if you are thinking of having a bespoke piece of furniture hand made for you by our artisans in Rajasthan. Adding an inlay mirror to a room with a mother of pearl or camel bone chest of drawers, coffee table or dresser can create instant décor cohesion.

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Where Can I Find Small Indian Mirrors?

At Iris Furnishing, our collection of mirrors of all sizes and many shapes offers the discerning customer something for all occasions, whether you are looking for a new feature piece for a living room, a long mirror for a bedroom, or a small mirror for a bathroom nook, our hand made authentic Indian inlay mirrors are superbly crafted by expert artisans in Rajasthan and something new always finds its way to us, along side our more traditional Indian designs.

Small Indian mirrors can be made in any of the colours you see on the Indian wood furniture in our inlay collection. Blue, purple, pink, green, yellow and terracotta all feature along with the very simple, neutral grey, white or black.

The inlay can be fashioned from the delicately shimmering mother of pearl, or ethically harvested camel bone, with its variegated soft natural hues. Both look particularly beautiful against the white, which creates a soft contrast effect, muting the aesthetic impact of the highly ornate floral detailing.

Patterns for the inlay detail on our small mirrors can vary from geometric shapes, with strong contrast chequerboard designs, to the traditional, decorative floral patterning, a signature of Rajasthan decorative furniture.

Giving a Small Indian Mirror As a Gift?

Small Indian mirrors are an ideal wedding, christening or birthday gift for loved ones. Hand crafted using delicate tools by skilled workers well trained in their art, these attractive mirrors make use of natural materials in a display of simple opulence. Traditionally, these mirrors are made as items that will last a lifetime and beyond, to be treasured by many and loved by all who see them. We often give to others that which we would deny ourselves and these small, elegant inlay mirrors make a beautiful present we can give ourselves permission to have - all the more easily when we realise it is not a whim, but an investment in the future.

If mother of pearl is something new to you and you would like to see how well you would like a larger Indian inlay furniture item in your home, a small mother of pearl inlay or camel bone mirror in the colour of your choice can be the perfect way to introduce Indian inlay into your home while you decide on how you would like to expand on the theme.

Each hand made small Indian mirror, like all our furniture, is necessarily unique. In spite of the meticulous steadfast application of the inlay pieces in precise arrangements, with attention to the smallest details and beautifully symmetrical patterns and borders, each piece of camel bone inlay or nacre (mother of pearl) is of itself utterly unique in the formation and subtle layers of light and colour. This is one of the reasons why these mirrors make such popular gifts; an original present for a unique individual.

The other reason is simply their physical attractiveness. Few people fail to find the beauty in a mother of pearl or camel bone inlay mirror and a small Indian mirror makes an exquisite gift for this reason.

Can I Order a Small Indian Mirror?

If you are having a bespoke item of furniture made for your home, ordering a small Indian mirror at the time will ensure an exact colour tone match. Talk to us about having matching mirrors and other accessories made for you, such as small boxes for jewellery or incense.

White inlay furniture always makes a breathtakingly beautiful impression in any room; living room, hallway, bedroom or bathroom and when purchasing a larger item, such as an inlay chest of drawers, dressing table or wardrobe, a bedroom suite can easily look complete when we match it with just a mirror, if we are not looking to kit our space out with the complete furniture suite. A small Indian mirror makes the perfect motif to accompany a larger inlay item and give that stylistic cohesion to a room in the simplest possible way.

What To Look For When Buying Small Indian Mirrors?

Small Indian mirrors are made with love, care and skill, to last a lifetime and beyond. The finely cut and polished wood is assembled with expert carpentry techniques and sturdy woodworking joints give the mirror its strength and solidity, while the popular Indian hardwoods of mango wood or sheesham wood offer structural integrity, with their durable properties making them resistant to temperature and humidity fluctuations. Why is this important? This is critical because the wood is overlaid with inlay patterning fixed within a resin that holds to the wood. It is not just one material that needs to sustain its shape but the composite material of all three.

The carpentry and the artistry techniques that were developed centuries ago have a long tradition of producing ornamented furniture and furnishings for the Rajasthani royalty, who patronised the handicraft and saw that it thrived. This meant that artefacts manufactured today utilise the same techniques and design principles that resulted in ornate, decorative Indian furniture that please royalty and survives even now in all its glory. Decorative inlay was used both inside and out in the royal palaces, part of the permanent architectural ornamentation as well as less permanent furnishings. The art itself is designed for posterity and these techniques are employed today along with traditional tools, such as simple craftsmen’s knives, to carve the intricate shapes and patterns of inlay pieces.

A mother of pearl or camel bone inlay mirror is a gift to give yourself or someone else that will last them a lifetime and beyond. Beautifully made, stunning to look at and fine examples of unique, authentic, skilled Rajasthani craftsmanship.

Customer Reviews

Very happy customers! Bought a 7 drawer inlay chest of drawers. It's stunning and service and staff fantastic! Will buy again.
Sarah Lisette
Sarah Lisette
10:10 15 Sep 18
Beautiful objects from India. Much care goes into the making and sourcing of all their goods. Easy access. Friendly staff.
Great Service. Found these guys online and went to the shop and found some beautiful pieces.
Ciaran Clarke
Ciaran Clarke
10:33 10 Sep 18
When I originally started to look for some Indian inspired furniture for our house, I was halfway over to Lahore before I found the koh-i-noor of a company that is Iris Furnishing. The fact that this is a UK based company which ships in from India had me enraptured, and then when visiting their site I almost exploded with wide eyed happiness. The White Metal Embossed Sideboard we purchased is magically constructed, a frequent point of discussion for any guests and is a beautiful enhancement to all rooms. The service we received from the chaps who ran the company was top class, and I only wished I was at home when they delivered, to thank them personally. Do yourself a favour and buy something from Iris, it would turn your house into a Mahal.
11:06 15 Jan 18
I've had an impresive experience with Iris Furnishing. Just today I received my big custom order, A very large dresser and two large night tables. They are white with mother pearl and I am so happy and thankful, they are very attractive and unique pieces.Iris Furnishing shipped my order from their store to Madrid, Spain where I reside. So I didnt have to pay import taxes, a big bonus!. I love the hand made inlay pieces. I am actually thinking what else could I order...Thanks Iris Furniture you provide wonderful handcraft products and a great service. :-)
Silvia Herreros
Silvia Herreros
01:16 19 Sep 17
Ordered two bedside chests from here and they arrived today and I am absolutely over the moon with them - they are so gorgeous and they look amazing in my bedroom. Charley was really helpful with the order and the delivery - thank you so much Charley for making the process so easy. I am one super happy customer!! 😊
Rosie Evans
Rosie Evans
18:40 24 Sep 15