Indian Mirrors

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These exquisite hand-inlaid mirrors can stand alone as a distinguishing contrast to a modern room or as a perfect complement to a matching inlaid piece of Indian furniture.

Explore the Widest Range of Unique Hand Crafted Indian Mirrors

Whether you are looking for a wall mirror or tall mirror, whether you prefer smooth lines, scalloped edges, floral patterning or tiled inlay, we have a tremendous variety of hand made and meticulously finished mother of pearl and bone inlay Indian mirrors, in nearly all the colours of the rainbow. Fashioned from tough, enduring mango wood or the light yet resilient sheesham wood, these substantial furniture items are crafted to last through the ages, resistant to the ravages of time.

The Indian artisans of Rajasthan combine woodworking crafts with their long-inherited gifts for pattern creation and turn raw materials into stunning works of art with the use of knives and basic tools, fashioning by hand items that machines could never make. With their gifted sense of aesthetics, the incredibly skilled workers create decorative art on wood furniture with colour that echoes the textiles of India and complements the rich silks and tapestries that adorn the humblest home or the richest palace in India.

How to Order Your Bespoke Indian Mirror

Introducing the finery of timeless beauty into your home exactly where you want it. A bespoke, hand made Indian mirror is an investment in furniture which transcends fashion fads. Solidly made to the highest standards equal to royally commissioned pieces, the mirror retains its sophistication and physical attractiveness for many years to come.

A mirror should perfectly fit the space you want to place it in, so simply send us your measurements and let us know the pattern and material you prefer; mother of pearl inlay or bone inlay and which colour suits you best. We can have your bespoke Indian mirror hand made to perfection for you and shipped over the high seas to your door.

How Are Mosaic Mirrors Made?

Using the finest woodworking skills learnt in the arts Academies that train the master craftsmen who make our Indian furniture, sustainably harvested sheesham and mango wood is planed and polished into smooth, neat lines and fitted with neat woodworking joints, to form a strong shape with high integrity. Onto this hardwood, hand carved pieces of mother of pearl (nacre) or bone inlay are placed and aligned with meticulous care. The gaps are filled with a composite material; a resin which is dyed to any one of an array of magical colours. And the finished piece is sanded smooth to perfection and free from veneer, which would tarnish the raw, natural materials over time.

It sounds simple, but anyone who has tried to make a mosaic mirror will tell you it’s a lot more involved than it first appears. The skills of the master craftsmen who fashion these pieces of Indian inlay furniture, have evolved from an ancient tradition whose style is specific to the region of Rajasthan where these mirrors originate. Deft of hand, the artisans can make a piece of inlay appear to dance as they quickly carve it into shape and match it seemingly perfectly, again and again.

Where to Place Your Indian Mirror?

Ideal for introducing a touch of finery into neutral décor or enhancing a rich tapestry of fine furnishings the Rajasthani mirror has long adorned the walls of Indian princes and princesses, reflecting them in all their finery. Perfectly suited to plain as well as sumptuous interior design, the Rajastani mirror is a versatile ornament for any room, gracing the bedroom with indulgent floral motifs, or looking stately in a hall or living room.

An Indian inlay mirror is at its best when placed above a larger piece of matching inlay furniture, for cohesion, making a striking feature piece and also looks good above a white or grey chest of drawers, console table or dresser. In a hallway, greet guests with a stunning display of nacre, that catches the light and shimmers as they pass, or fill a nook with a tall mirror and create space in a room, reflecting light and adding dimension.
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