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Iris prides itself on its incredible range of furniture, and this includes our selection of handcrafted cupboards. They are a luxurious example of flawless design, fusing the traditional methods of Indian craftsmanship with rich, contemporary flourishes.

Our selection of cupboards are completed with a range of jaw-dropping finishes. Our show stopper, the black bone Almirah inlay cupboard simply speaks for itself. This stunning piece offers up polished camel bone, ethically sourced like all of our range, intricately arranged against the shiny black paint it sits within. The huge range of cupboards can also be finished in stunning white metal or traditional Indian paint in jewel toned colours, typically depicting images of flora and fauna and the perfect addition to any hallway or sitting room. The simple, elegant designs are available in a range of sizes, offering a larger storage solution for your home. Iris products are made from 100% natural, ethically sourced materials, and their high quality is only reflected further in their appearance and functionality. The colours and luxurious finishes used in the cupboard range are both eye-catching and beautiful, making any choice a superb focal point in any hallway, sitting room or kitchen. We believe the magic and versatility of Indian design should be cherished and displayed whenever possible so that the memories of Indian palaces are kept well and truly alive for many years to come. Why not invite the warmth and magic of India into your own home with one of our pieces of fine Indian furniture? At Iris Furnishing, we offer one of the most impressive ranges of authentic Indian cupboards that can be found anywhere in Britain, from our elegant bone or mother of pearl inlay cupboards, to our exquisite white metal plated cupboards, to our brightly coloured, hand-painted cupboards, all available in a range of colours, styles and sizes to suit a variety of home decor.

Our almirah cupboards are one of our best-selling lines, and can be purchased in a wide combination of sizes and styles. Our large cupboards feature two large doors and a large bottom drawer, making them perfect as a large storage solution. Our smaller almirah cupboards feature a single door over one drawer, making them ideal for smaller corners while still offering ample storage space. These beautiful Indian almirah cupboards are as practical as they are eye-catching, and offer a gorgeous alternative to the drab wardrobes available for purchase from high street shops. Each panel has been expertly hand carved by our artisan woodworkers before being overlaid with white metal, hand-painted or inlaid with polished camel bone or mother or pearl.

If you want to make a bold statement in your home, consider our eye-catching black bone almirah cupboard, which contrasts the rich black of the wood with the pale, elegant Rangoli designs formed from hand-carved camel bone. This piece will bring drama and depth to your home, infusing it with true Indian sophistication. To add a hand-painted infusion of colour, consider our blue vase panel cupboard, which combines rich hues of blue, green, red and yellow with traditional Indian designs that will brighten your home.

Each of our fine Indian cupboards have been skilfully hand carved by our artisan woodworkers at our Rajasthani workshop. Each cupboard is of the highest quality and hand crafted from beginning to end by these talented woodworkers, many of whom descend from generations of sought-after Indian craftsmen. They use ancient techniques to craft each item of furniture, making them to the same specifications of the antique pieces found in the gorgeous white palaces of northern India. Indeed, by bringing home one of our almirah cupboards, you’re bringing home a true piece of Indian tradition.

Our luxurious Indian cupboards will make a bold statement in your home, and are sure to be treasured for generations. However, we understand that it isn’t always possible to find the perfect piece for your home online or in a showroom. That’s why we also offer a bespoke furniture ordering service. We’ll work with you to create the perfect combination of style, colour and size so you can take home a piece you’re truly happy with. Simply let us know what you require and we’ll provide a free, no-obligation quote.

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