White Metal Indian Cupboards

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Iris furnishings offer a range of stunningly made Indian white metal cupboards, with their dazzling partnership of shine and luxe, boasting quality workmanship in form and function with solid, hardwood furniture. The versatility of white metal to blend reflectively with your existing décor means you can be creative and indulge in ornately patterned textures, or choose a sedate sheer minimalistic piece if you prefer. We offer a bespoke design service for that perfect fit and finish, useful for furnishing projects of all sizes and we deliver in the UK as well as internationally.

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Ordering Bespoke Indian White Metal Cupboards

These beautiful pieces have their origins in the heart of Rajasthan and we travel there regularly to revisit our passion and work closely with the artisans who craft new pieces all the time. Working with the skills inherited from their forefathers and bringing fresh, ever-renewing ideas, the artisans re-inspire the traditions of the past and we are always in awe of the results. Art mimics life and the ever-renewing beauty is constantly changing and yet retaining its thread of continuity from its ancient roots. With modern and traditional designs on offer, we encourage you to scour our collection for the perfect piece of Indian wood furniture for you and if for any reason you do not find exactly what you need, envision what you’d like and we will translate your request to the master craftsmen who can make it happen.

We realise that you might require a unique combination of styles, size and detailing. If so, please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote. We are always happy to place bespoke orders for our customers, and can arrange to have items crafted to specific dimensions and in any style of your choice. We will be happy to discuss your particular requirements and provide you with a free quotation. At Iris Furnishings, our dedication to providing you with high quality, beautiful furniture is matched only by our dedication to increasing the standards of fair trade and ethical furniture.

Each white metal cupboard has been expertly overlain with a beautiful nickel alloy before being polished to a reflective shine, artfully brushed or delicately embossed with geometric shapes or traditional floral patterns. This rare white metal furniture can be purchased in a variety of handicraft styles that are both functional and eye-catching. Consider our white metal slim cupboard, which features four storage compartments and is perfect for a narrow space, or our white metal one drawer almirah cupboard, which makes a stunning centrepiece and is ideal for large storage.

How Do Indian White Metal Cupboards Affect Mood?

The magic of Indian White Metal Cupboards is partially their ability to infuse the room with ambient warmth, giving a richness and depth that subtly bends itself to suit the style of your interior décor. Thanks to its reflective capacity, it matches all the colours in the room. Because it reflects light, it creates the feeling of spaciousness and opens a room up where something with solid colour might close it down. And it softly amplifies the effects of lighting, effortlessly creating a soft ambience for a cosy feel to any space, whether the light is dappled by ornate emboss work, or sheer with our smooth white metal effect. This all combines to bring space and light to the feel of a room.

The nickel alloy that plates the hard wood furniture is softer and warmer in tone than steel, which is commonly used for white metal furniture and this makes a huge difference to how it feels in a room. What is more, the satisfying substantial feel of the solid, hefty, well cut and beautifully fashioned wood it overlays is just discernible. The nickel is expertly melded with the wood, so that the grain is in places faintly perceptible if you come close to. This organic feel to what is essentially metal in appearance gives a depth and connectivity to the furniture, while the ornate detailing speaks of human skill and sensibility, making these white metal cupboards very tactile pieces of furniture.

What Gives Indian White Metal Cupboards Their Superior Quality?

As well as their ability to suffuse a room with warmth, the white metal cupboards we offer are made to conform to extremely high standards of workmanship. Carpentry skills that merge the best of traditional methodologies with innovative input result in woodworking joints crafted to support weight, with thick cut hardwood shelves well set in a solid frame. These cupboards are solidly built from materials that last and are endowed with an enduring practicality, as well as physical attractiveness. From the first grain to the final finish, they are made not just with love, passion and skill, but with the weight of centuries of traditional white metal making, which has prided itself on serving royalty, in furniture made to last lifetimes.

With materials carefully selected for their quality, the traditionally used metals and woods are long-upheld choices in Indian carpentry thanks to their key characteristics. Indian furniture is traditionally made to last as well as display the fine aesthetics of Indian art. This necessity for longevity governs what wood is used and why. For example, the structural integrity of the Indian hard woods, mango and sheesham, see them hold their shape over the years and through all manner of atmospheric changes. This means they are an ideal match for an ornate surface, where the beautifully grafted metal plating will hold its shape for the long life of the furniture.

Where to Find Indian White Metal Cupboards In Sussex

We have spent decades honing our experience, wisdom and expertise in the field of Indian hardwood furniture and are happy to impart the benefits we’ve achieved to our customers, offering very reasonably priced imports, made by hand to fair trade standards with ethically sourced materials, including sustainably harvested hard woods.

Come and visit our showroom in Brighton, which displays a host of other fine crafts and furnishings along with our beautiful wood furniture and get a feel for the pieces you can see on our website. If there’s anything you’d specifically like to view, call us first and if it’s with us, we’ll arrange it for you. We deliver all over the world, but we’re based in the heart of the North Laine, Brighton and coming to see us is an excuse to enjoy an overwhelmingly fun day out, we feel.

Customer Reviews

Very happy customers! Bought a 7 drawer inlay chest of drawers. It's stunning and service and staff fantastic! Will buy again.
Sarah Lisette
Sarah Lisette
10:10 15 Sep 18
Beautiful objects from India. Much care goes into the making and sourcing of all their goods. Easy access. Friendly staff.
Great Service. Found these guys online and went to the shop and found some beautiful pieces.
Ciaran Clarke
Ciaran Clarke
10:33 10 Sep 18
When I originally started to look for some Indian inspired furniture for our house, I was halfway over to Lahore before I found the koh-i-noor of a company that is Iris Furnishing. The fact that this is a UK based company which ships in from India had me enraptured, and then when visiting their site I almost exploded with wide eyed happiness. The White Metal Embossed Sideboard we purchased is magically constructed, a frequent point of discussion for any guests and is a beautiful enhancement to all rooms. The service we received from the chaps who ran the company was top class, and I only wished I was at home when they delivered, to thank them personally. Do yourself a favour and buy something from Iris, it would turn your house into a Mahal.
11:06 15 Jan 18
I've had an impresive experience with Iris Furnishing. Just today I received my big custom order, A very large dresser and two large night tables. They are white with mother pearl and I am so happy and thankful, they are very attractive and unique pieces.Iris Furnishing shipped my order from their store to Madrid, Spain where I reside. So I didnt have to pay import taxes, a big bonus!. I love the hand made inlay pieces. I am actually thinking what else could I order...Thanks Iris Furniture you provide wonderful handcraft products and a great service. :-)
Silvia Herreros
Silvia Herreros
01:16 19 Sep 17
Ordered two bedside chests from here and they arrived today and I am absolutely over the moon with them - they are so gorgeous and they look amazing in my bedroom. Charley was really helpful with the order and the delivery - thank you so much Charley for making the process so easy. I am one super happy customer!! 😊
Rosie Evans
Rosie Evans
18:40 24 Sep 15