Medium Indian Mirrors

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Our medium inlay mirrors offer an ideal welcome display for a hallway or mantlepiece and introduce the exquisite beauty of Indian ornament to your décor. Artfully placed they can infuse a room with a subtle glimmer, while a feature piece can be made when the mirror is centrally situated. We offer a selection of soft or strong colours, coupled with plain or ornate frames and if you don’t see exactly what you’re searching for, we can have your artisan mirror made to order in Rajasthan.

Where Can I Buy An Authentic, Hand-crafted, Artisan Medium Mirror?

We have within our collection one of the widest selections of Medium Indian Mirrors available in the UK. Our mirrors offer unique variations in colour, finish and ornamental decoration, proffering everything from the traditional floral designs of ancient India to original innovation in modern geometric simplicity, with something to suit nearly everyone. However we feel that furnishing solutions should be as individual as our clients and for this reason we offer a luxury service for ordering bespoke authentic Indian furniture at no extra cost.

Indian mirrors are fashioned from the very finest hardwoods and crafted with ancient techniques, strictly adhering to the founding principles that necessitate quality, structural strength and longevity as integral to the making of fine Indian furniture. Originally commissioned for the wealthy elite, who patronised the arts that define a cultural heritage that is still protected today, Indian inlay can be found in the halls of the palaces in Rajasthan; the ‘Land of Kingdoms.’

While royal commissions are received even now by the master artisans who manufacture these mirrors in accordance with the carpentry techniques of their forefathers and the ornamentation skills preserved through the centuries, tradition and innovation join hands in the exciting new creations regularly featured in our collection.

Why Choose a Medium Indian Mirror?

Medium sized mirrors can give a room the perfect balance when we want to reflect light, create a feeling of space and at the same time add a feature to our décor that makes a statement whilst retaining some subtlety. The ornate ornamentation adorning our inlay mirrors offers lots of eye-catching detail to draw the attention to a focal point in a space where you want to reflect something beautiful in your room. It doesn’t have to be much; just pleasing shapes, lines and colours - whatever you would like to see amplified.

Our Indian mirrors are handmade to the highest specifications by master craftsmen and each are fashioned from beautiful Indian hardwoods with seamless woodworking joints and a smooth polished surface forming the foundation for the decorative ornament that is the hallmark of our Indian mirrors. Each mirror is necessarily unique, thanks not only to the variations in colour and style but the result of hand-crafting with natural materials.

An Indian mirror can be the perfect way to create a cohesive Indian theme in your décor when paired with a matching, larger item of furniture. This can be the simplest way of introducing an inlay theme into your home with minimum commitment or expense and ideal when you are new to Indian inlay furniture but drawn to its beauty.

Unaccompanied, a medium Indian mirror can be the perfect way to make your first aquaintance with inlay stylistically. We have a great deal of stylistic freedom when choosing a mirror as its task is to complement our furnishings, not to match exactly and a medium sized mirror can be used as more of an accent to a room, rather than a defining piece. This gives us a great deal of range for choice.

How Can I Order a Bespoke Medium Indian Mirror?

Not only can you choose the exact measurements you require, but you can settle on your preferred colour and patterns. Just have a look at the inlay furniture on our website and anything there that you would like to see made as a mirror can be handcrafted for you in Rajasthan according to your specifications.

Get in touch with us by phone or email and we will let you know directly the quote and timescale for your item to be handmade and delivered to your door. We don’t charge anything extra for this service as the artisans who make the mirrors treat every item of furniture they create as a unique project and everything is given the level of care, passion and attention that a work of art deserves.

Are Our Medium Indian Mirrors Ethically Made and Environmentally Friendly?

The wood harvested for our Indian inlay furniture is taken from mango and sheesham plantations and small holdings where fruit trees no longer giving a crop can be cut down and replanted. Both of these trees regrow remarkably fast and all wood trade is strictly monitored to ensure it meets the criteria of India's reforestation policies. Being hardwoods of extraordinary versatility and durability, mango and sheesham wood are an ideal material for furniture building when you want your creation to last for future generations and this is another reason for its popularity.

The camel bone inlay pieces we use are hand carved from bone that is harvested harmlessly, from camels that have lived a long life and died from natural causes. The laws protecting these and other animals in India extend beyond law to be part of a cultural attitude fostered among citizens that honours the life of animals and instils good treatment of all creatures as part of a person’s civic duty.

And we ensure that not only are we aware of the resourcing of all the materials that go into making our furniture something we are proud of, but that all the skilled workers who are involved in the process are well remunerated and the trade agreements support the livelihoods and cultural integrity of the artisans who continue to create the mirrors and other works of decorative art we enjoy bringing to international clients.
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