Large Indian Mirrors

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Grace an entrance hall or a bedroom with an ornately beautiful full length mirror, hand made in India using solid crafting skills and enduring hardwoods. Finely cut mother of pearl inlay or ethically harvested camel bone is fashioned into intricate patterns for stunning effect, to catch the light and captivate attention. Available in any of the colours, patterns and designs to be found on inlay furniture in our collection, don’t limit yourself to what you see on these pages but let us know what you’d like and it can be made to order for you as part of our free bespoke furniture service.

Where Can I Find Large Indian Mirrors in the UK?

We have over 20 years experience and are based in Brighton, Sussex, with our showroom which features a selection of camel or mother of pearl inlay, white metal and painted furniture with our Indian mirrors on view to be seen first hand. If you can’t reach us and would like to see more or know more, please do just give us a call and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. Mirrors are the perfect place for a little additional decorative ornament, with their reflective surface always displaying light, detail and shimmer, an inlay border lends itself perfectly to their aesthetics. Whether we prefer the iridescence of mother of pearl or the gentle undulation of natural tones in camel bone inlay, the larger Indian mirror can be an ideal way to place an exquisite oriental accent in our home décor and make a style statement.

Perhaps we prefer the floral patterns that follow the traditional Indian designs and add a little softness of line and flow to our furnishing scheme, or maybe the clear cut geometric shapes that give boldness and definition to the look of a room and are ideal for minimalistic or boldly defined interior décor. Whatever your preferences, if you don’t see what you’re looking for on these pages, but you’re inspired by the style of Indian inlay furniture, we can have your luxury, bespoke, large Indian mirror hand made.

The colours and patterns you can find on any of our inlay furniture can be made into a mirror especially for you and if you would like a suite of furniture or just one other matching item in the inlay colour and pattern of your choice, or even just an inlaid accessory, talk to us and we can let you know exactly what’s involved. There’s no extra cost for bespoke furniture, so let yourself play with ideas and we can help you finalise any details.

What Makes Our Large Indian Mirrors Ethical and Ecological?

The inlay pieces we use in our camel bone Indian mirrors are harvested from camels that have died of natural causes in the deserts of Northern India. The strict laws protecting the handling and treatment of camels and all other animals in India ensure no harm comes to any animal in the making of our inlay furniture and we ourselves travel regularly to the region to ensure we can maintain our awareness of the sustainable and ethical resourcing of all the materials that go into making our Indian furniture.The wood used in the making of the large Indian mirrors is regrown in line with India’s reforestation policies and all wood trading takes place within strict laws protecting the harvesting of wood for furniture. Moreover, our long love affair with the furniture of Rajasthan as well as the area ensures a fair trade approach, so that we continue as we began; trading in authentic, hand crafted, beautiful quality Indian furniture whilst ensuring everyone thrives, so that the art form continues to grow and prosper in its local region, maintaining the cultural integrity of the decorative art handicrafts specific to the regional locations of Rajasthan.

What Makes For Quality in a Large Indian Mirror?

Not only ethically harvested materials go into one of our large or long Indian mirrors, but the wood used is chosen for its strength, versatility and enduring qualities, ideal for long-lasting furniture. The structural assembly of the mirror makes use of solid woodworking joints, so that a large Indian mirror is a well made piece of hardwood furniture designed to last. The wood is substantial and not given to warping, thanks to its resilience to temperature and humidity flux and the techniques used in the making of these mirrors inherit their core principles from the days when they served only Royalty and the wealthy elite, with nothing lost in terms of quality throughout the centuries, but having gained innovation through the development of academies which hone and develop traditional skills.

What’s the History of Ornate Large Indian Mirrors?

Made initially for the royals and elites of Rajasthan, patronage sustained the handicrafts of inlay and styles developed according to regional variations which are protected even today. While our artisans still take royal commissions, the availability of inlay furniture and furnishings has founds its way to a wider audience, having been long used to adorn smaller trinkets and accessories as well as larger pieces of furniture. The large Indian mirrors you see in our collection are in the style of inlay to be found in the palaces of Udaipur, which initially used ivory, mirror and precious gemstones in the adornment of both interior and exterior walls, furniture and ornamentation.

Today the pursuit of these crafts keeps alive the traditions of the handicrafts and protects the heritage that gives cultural definition to the communities creating these works of art. Intricate work and painstaking accuracy are part of the process for those whose creation goes beyond the realm of manufacturing, producing unique hand crafted items of lasting value. Refined, delicate tools are the hallmark of a Rajasthani artisan, trained in painstakingly accurate, detailed decorative artwork.

The geometric shapes you see on our mirrors are evidence of the influx of inspired creative innovation thanks to the master craftsmen and their consistent passion for their work. New ideas influence the living craft, while core values of quality, intricate workmanship and traditional techniques are retained.

With frequent trips to India to work with our overseas colleagues over the decades, we have developed close ties and friendships with the talented crafts people who make these beautiful inlay mirrors. There is no greater pleasure for us than continuing to ensure that these works of Indian art reach international shores, to be appreciated by an ever increasing audience, so that those making them continue to grow and thrive, bringing a fusion of traditional and modern design into a cultural heritage that promises to continue to surprise and delight as fresh eyes and young hands take up the traditional tools of their forefathers, to create something new and different alongside the time-honoured hallmark designs of a revered ancestral lineage.