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We hope you enjoy your time spent exploring our online catalogue and the wide array of fine Indian furniture that we have to offer at Iris Furnishing. On this page you’ll find our range of genuine Indian cabinets, which offer unparalleled versatility, beauty and functionality. All of our handmade Indian cabinets are crafted following traditional Indian techniques by our expert woodworkers in Rajasthan. These gorgeous cabinets are available in a range of styles, from hand-painted cabinets featuring delicate floral patterns and traditional Indian designs, to our chic distressed cabinets that add an authentic, vintage look to your home.

Where Can I Find Quality Cabinets?

At Iris Furnishing we offer the highest standard of quality Indian Wood Cabinets, made throughout from fine quality Sheesham wood, well-renowned for its resilient tensile strength, its durability and for being a hardy, long lasting and beautiful wood from which to fashion furniture. The Master Craftsmen who create these pieces work in Rajasthan using the handicraft techniques handed down through the centuries, which have long resulted in Indian wood furniture made to the highest standards for the wealthy elite of India. Today we reach an International market, delivering all over the world. Based in the UK, in Sussex, our Brighton showroom is open for viewing appointments, should you with to visit us and view a cabinet or cupboard, a chest of drawers or a desk, or any other piece of furniture in which you’re interested. Alternatively, come simply to see a range of our fine Indian furniture with its various styles and decorative finishes.

If you have any questions about any of our cabinets or other items of furniture in our online catalogue, please do just call or email us and we’ll be happy to send on additional images and answer any questions you may have about any details not already mentioned on our website.

Where Are Our Artisan Cabinets Made?

The artisans of Rajasthan, where these beautiful Indian cabinets originate, fashion the structure from Indian rosewood, also known as sheesham wood, using carpentry techniques that have been learnt from their ancestors and integrated with Arts Academy training, for the continual honing and perfecting of the crafts that go into one of our artisan cabinets. Both the woodworking and the art of applying decorative ornament to furniture are highly revered crafting skills long commissioned by Rajasthani royalty and patronised over the centuries, so that the breathtaking displays of opulence in the region’s palaces exhibit fine examples of inlay and marquetry throughout their many halls, featuring on outside walls as well as the interiors. These same techniques create our glittering mother of pearl inlay furniture, our elegant bone inlay cabinets and our ornate metal embossed Indian furniture. The skilled workers manufacturing these pieces for an International clientele still fulfil Royal commissions even today and the standard of furniture production is reliably superb, thanks to the crafts methods, which have been developed to please royal patrons.

Can I have My Cabinet Made Bespoke?

Because each artisan crafted cabinet is made by hand in our workshops in Rajasthan by experts highly skilled in their trade, we welcome bespoke orders and there’s no extra cost for this service. We feel a piece of furniture should be as unique as the individual who owns it and for this reason, we are happy to help you choose and finalise your ideal cabinet design. With an array of furniture styles and decorative finishes to choose from, including not just stunning mother of pearl or camel bone inlay, but metal embosswork and the more stylistically simple distressed paint wood furniture, we can help you through the process. When you know the measurements you need and the finish you prefer, we’ll answer you immediately with a quote. Place a deposit with us when you order and your furniture will be handmade for you in India, to be shipped directly to your door on a day that suits you, when it is ready.

Do We Sell Ethical, Sustainably Made Cabinets?

The camel bone used in our bone inlay furniture is harmlessly harvested from camels that have died naturally. The sheesham wood is sustainably grown and replanted after harvesting, trading only through auctions that comply with strict laws protecting India’s reforestation policies. A wood that grows again very quickly and is popular for planting in areas which are being re-greened, sheesham wood is also a superb hardwood for making enduring furniture, a close second to teak in durability. We visit the workshops of the master craftsmen on a regular basis and have enjoyed decades of friendship with the makers and their families, maintaining close involvement in all areas of the manufacturing process, so that we can be confident all the materials used in the making of our Indian furniture are ethically resourced.
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