White Metal Indian Wardrobes

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Subtle enough to blend with the reflected colours of the room, yet ripple with ambient light in the evenings, the rich embossing on the Indian white metal wardrobe creates an ever changing atmosphere of beauty and depth in a bedroom. You can order this wardrobe in any measurement you desire and you can even choose a different finish. Have a look at the rest of our range and whatever you see there that you would like, we can have hand made for you.

Can I Order a Bespoke Indian White Metal Wardrobe?

We offer a tremendous choice of fair trade Indian white metal furniture and the wardrobe you see here is one example of what is possible. Most of our wardrobes come with a removable clothes rail and the option to have an extra shelf for when it’s needed. Check with us for the little details that can make a big difference. Have a look at the rest of our range of white metal embossed furniture and choose from the floral designs, bounded with symmetrical patterning, brushed metal, geometric shapes and all kinds of combinations of the above, for a bespoke wardrobe creation that makes a bedroom shimmer with reflective lustre. If you get in touch and let us know the measurements you have in mind, we can tell you directly just how much that would cost and let you know when you could expect to have your bespoke furniture arrive. You don’t need to wait until you’ve finalised your designs, but consult us while you’re deciding to help clarify your options.

We confer with the Rajasthani artisans and translate your request and with the benefit of over 20 years experience in the trade, we know what can be done and how. We often visit the workshops where these treasures are created to work first hand with our teams there and oversee the resourcing of materials, so we know the finest quality materials are used and that the natural resources for the hand made Indian wood furniture are ethically sourced.

What’s the Metal in Our Indian White Metal Wardrobes?

The silver finish you see is a nickel alloy, melded with the wooden furniture and sensitive to its grain. It cleans remarkably well and polishes to a high shine or a soft matt sheen, depending on preference. The metal is resilient and lasts extremely well, making it a dependable match for the wood it snugly fits.

The responsiveness of the alloy gives the finish a subtly organic feel - this is not like your steel cut metal furniture with machine-made lines. Smooth and clean lined though it is, the wood can be seen and almost felt through the surface of the nickel, giving each piece a unique characteristic, only clearly visible close up and a key feature of its design character. This results in a piece of furniture with the look and feel of substance, hand created with the honed skill of artifice.

What Wood Do We Use in Our Indian White Metal Wardrobes?

The wood that is used for our white metal wardrobes and for all our Indian furniture is mango or sheesham wood, harvested generally from small holdings and auctioned in accordance with the strict laws governing India’s wood trade. Sustainably grown, replanted and fast to regrow, these hard woods serve not only the farmers who harvest them; often from mango trees that have ceased to fruit but can still yield produce, but they serve the purposes of the furniture exceedingly well.

Both hard woods are known for their ability to withstand the tests of time and furniture made in India is made to last generations into the future. Such handiwork goes into the beautifully ornamented artefacts that are a common feature of handicrafts in Indian culture, longevity is part and parcel of the traditional methodologies for crafting and this applies to furniture no less than other things. Both sheesham and mango wood resist all kinds of atmospheric changes, making them suitable in climates with changing temperatures indoors and outdoors, well able to hold their shape against pressures of all kind. This is of importance in a piece of furniture that is surfaced with a different material. In this case that surface is nickel but in our other selections it can be nacre or bone inlay or paint, for example. The wood is chosen to hold its shape well and to remain in integrity for generations. These hardwoods are well known for being naturally long lasting.

How Do I Care for White Metal Furniture?

Caring for your white metal wardrobe should offer no problems. They are easily polished to a tremendously high shine with normal brass or silver polish and a soft cloth, or they can be left to go matt for a more chrome effect look to your furniture, if that suits you better. However long you leave them, they tend to be easily restored to their former brilliance with a polish and the detailed embosswork doesn’t require special attention. The indentations in the patterning will darken with time, accentuating the shapes and adding to the detailed complexity of its appearance.

Where Are Our White Metal Wardrobes Made?

These wardrobes, like all our furniture are handmade in the workshops of Rajasthan, where the wisdom of the ages is delivered anew into fresh creations which both honour the timeless designs of the Indian ancestors, while imbuing the world of furniture design with innovative new patterns, concepts and ideas. Academy trained as well as learning from their elders, skilled workers are forged into master craftsmen and with extraordinary swiftness, passion and skill, turn handicrafts into the works of Indian art that grace our collection with fresh new pieces on a regular basis. We always look forward to discovering what’s new and every time we go out to meet with the amazing people who make this furniture, we’re stunned and delighted to deliver to our clients more and more of what inspired us to begin this endeavour in the first instance.