White Metal Indian Sideboards

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Following a full range of solid furniture, Iris furnishings offer a range of Indian white metal furnishings provide a dazzling duality of gleaming shine, luxe and eye catching while retaining extremely high levels of workmanship quality. Spectacular statement pieces, the variously embossed designs spark an artistically stark metallic minimalism for softer surrounding textures, upholstery and accessories. The leading manufacture and source of white metal furnishing in the UK, Iris are proud to provide a range of modern pieces and a bespoke design service for larger furnishing projects.

What’s the Story Behind our Indian White Metal Sideboards?

Our collection of White Metal furniture is graced with an elegant selection of statement sideboards, solidly fashioned and handcrafted to the highest standards of metal and woodworking by the master craftsmen of Rajasthan. With methodologies that have been honed over centuries in service to Rajasthani royalty, the artisans have refined the skills learned from their ancestors. The result is stunningly well made Indian furniture with a tactile finish.

Working the wood grain into the effect in the metal, smooth white metal sideboards are a world beyond machine cut metal. Everything is worked by hand and professionally finished with the clear, bold lines defining a substantial and satisfying main body, in a piece of furniture that feels vibrant and alive.

How to Order the Right Indian White Metal Sideboard For You?

Hardwood shelves are set in a thick-cut main frame, with solid woodworking joints and cleverly crafted carpentry techniques, which combine to create an Indian sideboard that will reliably house the finest china and hold the heaviest bowls.

If ordering, bear in mind that bespoke orders come at no extra cost and can ensure the important little details are taken care of, such as; would you like dividers between sections, how about the velvet lining that is customary? What does your internal shelf width need to be? All this and more we can help with when you let us know exactly what it is you’re really looking for. Whatever your preference, there is likely to be something to suit your purposes in our collection and if not, we can have luxury bespoke furniture made for you.

If there’s a piece on our website you particularly like, please do get in touch and ask us anything about it.

We are often in the workshops with the craftsmen who make our furniture and over the decades, have got to know very well just what can be done and how. This close relationship allows us to be certain that the materials that go into each piece of Indian hardwood furniture are ethically sourced. Wood is sustainably harvested and passes through the protective trading procedures that play a large part in ensuring reforestation in India. Our fair trade policies see that everyone thrives as a result of these stunning creations and we remain as passionate as ever about bringing these treasures to homes worldwide, keeping alive the flourishing culture of artistic creation at its origin.

How Well Made Are Our Indian White Metal Sideboards?

Quality is synonymous with beauty in our furniture and nowhere is this more visible than in the care and attention to detail taken in the fine finish on all our pieces. The white metal sideboards can be surfaced in a variety of designs, including the highly floral and ornate emboss work, bounded within sacred geometric shapes and traditional patterns. Super-smooth, chrome effect furniture boasts neat lines and artful seams, while a brushed white metal finish offers instead a subtle compromise between the ornate and the minimal, for those who prefer a little of both but not too much.

Our Indian wood furniture reliably holds its shape in humid, hot or cold rooms, well settled in a shape that it will be comfy in for years and years to come. The wood that goes into these white metal sideboards is chosen specifically for its ability to endure through atmospheric fluctuations and is well known for its strength and longevity. Furniture originally fashioned for the Rajasthani palaces would have met the requirements of creating for posterity. It is in the making of furniture for Royalty that the principle values for the art of Indian furniture making were formed, becoming an integral part of the design practices that endure today.

It is a principle of the craft to ensure the selection of the highest quality materials and to apply the methodologies that result in sturdy, long lasting and well finished pieces of ornamented furniture. This testament to the overwhelming allure of Indian art is everywhere exampled in the palaces, homes and buildings of Rajasthan. The culture of beauty in aesthetics is integral to daily living and we are constantly inspired to bring new pieces into our collection and make them available to a wider audience.

Matching Your Décor with an Indian White Metal Sideboard?

The key feature of Indian white metal furniture is that it will suit almost any interior décor. Reflecting the colours of the room in shimmering brilliance or soft lustre, wherever you place it, it is likely to fit in and fit well. It serves simply to enhance your chosen colour themes and amplify the effect of furnishings, bringing light into the room during the day while adding opulence to a cosily lit space in the evening. White metal furniture increases the feeling of spaciousness in a room, because instead of seeing block colour in a solid object, the reflective surface refracts light and softens the boundaries, making it appear that a room is larger than it would seem otherwise.

If your preference is for minimalism or neutral décor, the Smooth White Metal Sideboard or AV Unit you can see in our catalogue complements this perfectly. If you prefer richness and depth, then the more lustrous, ornamented White Metal Embossed Sideboard would probably suit you better. But if you don’t see the effect you really want, any finish or design you see on any of our white metal furniture can be featured on a sideboard made to suit.

The versatility of the look is matched by the resilience of the materials themselves. Not only is the sheesham or mango wood chosen for its longevity, but nickel as an alloy is remarkably resistant to permanent marks or damage. Receptive to the embossing marks, it still holds its shape and delicate detail, retaining the structural strength characteristic of its use in embossed furniture. It can be cleaned easily and how you do this determines what finished effect you have, meaning you can enjoy a piece of furniture that has reams of adaptability. A high shine requires a high polish every so often. A matt chrome finish, less so and less often and irregular cleaning will see it mellow prettily to a soft gold-lustred effect. All of these varieties have high aesthetic appeal and a good polish will see it gleaming as new whenever the fancy takes you.
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