White Metal Indian Coffee Tables

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An ornate, oriental, embossed white metal coffee table is always a conversation piece, with stunning patterning and light-dappling effects, it creates an ambient atmosphere in a living space and accentuates the colours around it. Fashioned from solid hard wood and overlain with nickel in the traditional methods of Rajasthani artisans, it is one of the easiest way to introduce a central Indian theme to your décor.

How to Order a Bespoke White Metal Coffee Table

Peruse our collection of white metal furniture to find the pattern combination you truly love, consider the dimensions you’d like for your coffee table and get in touch by phone or by email so we can let you know what we quote. There is no extra charge for bespoke furniture orders and your coffee table will be hand made in Rajasthan by artisans who are academy trained in woodworking and traditional crafts.

We can help you with the finer details and show you the progress as your furniture is made. When it is ready to ship to your door, we call you to make arrangements. These fair trade Indian coffee tables are made from sustainably harvested sheesham or mango wood and covered in sheet nickel, which is then embossed using traditional techniques. The artists traditionally work with floral designs or geometric shapes, combining the two for bordered patterns that use the furniture to display their beauty, not just their functionality. Their physical attractiveness is a feature of Indian arts and the crafts which celebrate beauty everywhere expressed, leaving no space empty of ornamentation.

What looks good with Indian White Metal Coffee Tables?

The coffee table is always the central piece in a living room, the defining piece to which the eye is drawn first and last and around which all other furniture hangs. You can easily create a definitive look in your space by choosing a statemented piece as your coffee table. The ornately embossed white metal coffee table in our collection reflects the light and instantly creates the shimmering décor of Indian opulence with its palacial ornament. Detailed traditional designs embossed in the nickel denote this coffee table as unmistakably oriental, generating the theme around which everything else in the room is responsive.

It is one of the more sophisticated and subtler ways of filling your home and space with the ardour of India. White metal reflects the colours of the room around it, rather than introducing a bold colour of its own. It blends remarkably well stylistically with a large range of interior décor themes for this reason and is similar to chrome in its ability to look unassuming even whilst displaying intricately detailed ornament.

Thanks to the versatility of the white metal, it can be introduced to any kind of décor scheme to add an oriental influence to the room. To enhance the effect you can include silk or satin curtains, cushions or throws, especially ones that feature bright, bold colours with metallic threads, for that eye-catching sparkle in the changing light. Soft furnishings are adaptable, changeable and an easy way to create a cohesive look in a room.

So whether you prefer deep, rich colours or soft, blended neutrals or perhaps the lightest array of whites and soft greys, the addition of the ornamental embossing on white metal will add the patterning that not only accentuates your look but brings light and detail into the room.

A room dressed all in whites will sparkle with the extra brilliance of the Indian coffee tables. While rich purples, teals, or dark woods will come alive reflected in the patterned emboss-work. But your creativity is the key.

How do Indian Metal Coffee Tables Affect the Mood?

These oriental coffee tables are at their best when illuminated, whether by daylight, lamplight or candles. Warm, soft evening lights will be accentuated by the reflective surface, creating a rosy glow and an ambient mood. The detailed embossing refracts the light with its patterns and shadows, creating a depth and feeling of cosiness in a space, while evoking the feel of beauty, luxury and opulence.

How Are Our Indian White Coffee Tables Made?

In the heart of Northern India, the master craftsmen of Rajasthan uphold the long celebrated traditions of their ancestors in a craft so finely honed it even now graces the halls of palaces. Using carefully selected Indian hard woods to fashion solid, sturdy, yet beautifully shaped furniture, the coffee tables are overlaid with sheet nickel - an alloy composed of zinc and nickel which is chosen for its amazing resilience to all kinds of weathering as well as its receptivity to holding the impressions of finely embossed design.

The emboss-work takes place after the metal is sealed to the table, which has been cut, carved and polished. Using hand tools and preformed pattern blocks, the designs of their forefathers are imprinted for posterity onto the metal. Nickel is traditionally chosen and suits the practical and aesthetic purpose beautifully. It lasts extremely well, is easily cleaned and restored, will hold the pattern embossed on it and is responsive enough for difficult detailed work. The handicraft is centuries old and the arts of it are maintained by the skilled workers who know their craft as well as their materials.

How To Clean Indian White Metal Coffee Tables

Our white metal furniture can be easily cleaned, with standard brass or silver polishes and soft cloths. For an authentic antique Indian furniture effect, you can choose just to polish the raised surface of the embossed table and leave the indented pattern outlines to gradually darken. This creates a pleasing emphasis of the floral patterns in the emboss work, making them stand out for easier appreciation. For a flawless finish, a toothbrush over a soft cloth will find its way into nooks and crannies when used with the silver or brass polish. Regular dusting reduces the need for regular polishing.

The beauty of these tables is that if they are left unpolished, the tarnishing effect is aesthetically pleasing. They soften from a high shine silver colour to a matt chrome effect and then to a soft, warmer golden hue. And even at this stage, it is no effort to restore the former brilliant shine with a polish when desired, making this furniture not only solidly made, indulgently beautiful but easy to care for.
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