White Metal Indian Chests of Drawers

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Within our full range of solid, handcrafted, fair trade Indian furniture, we include a generous selection of divinely inspired chrome-effect white metal furniture, to include a diverse choice in chests of drawers, either from our collection or with made-to-order bespoke specifications. From the highly ornamented to the smooth minimalistic finish and with the option to be polished to a high sheen or dull matt, Indian white metal is one of the most versatile and visually appealing surfaces for hard wood furniture, accentuating colours in the room, and providing soft light with an atmospheric resonance.

Indian White Metal Chests of Drawers - Practical and Beautiful Furniture

With solidly fashioned sheesham wood, or in some cases mango wood, for a more weighty feel, the large 'White Metal Chests of Drawers' are designed with roomy interiors for housing vast amounts of linens, clothes, precious belongings or for tidying away general clutter and can hold heavy or bulky items easily. Other models in our collection offer a variety of drawer sizes and shapes, depending on whether you prefer capacious spaces or organisable compartments. With smooth-running drawers they are a pleasure to handle, being substantial furniture, designed to last. Finished internally in blue velvet lining, this attention to the finer details in design whispers class and luxury, ideal for someone who is making an investment in quality that transcends fashion while bearing its hallmark.

Our fair trade Indian white metal furniture is extraordinarily versatile stylistically, sitting in well with a variety of modern styles, often as the feature piece that makes a statement in a room, or a suite that defines the character of a space. The furniture is designed to suit most interior décor styles and to last through their many potential changes, standing alone in its category and not subject to changes in furnishings fashion. See below for more on how you can change the finish on your white metal chests of drawers to suit your changing mood.

How Can We Help You With Your Bespoke White Metal Chests of Drawers?

We have in our on-line catalogue, a vast array of surface styles and furniture designs to choose from and anything you see here that you would prefer in different dimensions, a different shape, or perhaps a different stylistic combination, please just let us know what might interest you. We can draw up a no obligations quote directly and are happy to say, there is no extra charge for ordering bespoke furniture. Thanks to the artistic approach adopted by the master craftsmen of Rajasthan, every piece is original.

We check over the details with you, finalise the drawings and then these are sent to skilled workers where, with our decades of experience in the field, we work together to produce your perfect bespoke item for you. We keep you informed every step of the way and when your luxury Chest of Drawers is ready to deliver, we’ll make arrangements to suit with you.

Indian White Metal Chests of Drawers are Built to Last

Made for luxury and quality, with solid joints and thick cut, Indian hardwood, the woodworking is based entirely around the principle of strength and longevity, in a piece of furniture made to last for the generations to come. Often commissioned by the royal palaces of Rajasthan, this tough, enduring quality is characteristic of the furniture our artisans create, as is the care with which surfaces are finished and patterns set to match one another across the drawers and the surround. These subtle, tell tale signs denote the level of expertise invested in each piece of solidly made Indian furniture.

Our artisans in Rajasthan take a fresh approach to every furniture piece they make in a creative process which results in a fine display of Indian art. This is a far cry from manufacturing and every individual piece of furniture is given the attention that a work of art demands. Skilled professionals in their trade, the passion for what they do renews with each new piece and this is where the constant re-enlivening flair for artistry makes its permanent mark on pieces of solid hardwood Indian furniture. The assembly itself is a craft and each piece is fashioned to last and last, withstanding the test of time and endurance and made from finely selected materials. The artistry in this is no less stunning than the highly ornate embossed surface, rich in visual detail and appealingly tactile. The white metal chests of drawers boast superior quality throughout, with care and attention taken to the finishing touches on these, such as the royal blue velvet lining in the drawers demonstrating a certain quality of luxury. The chests of drawers come with matching, discreet metal handles, or if preferred, crystal faceted handles can be fitted, for a complementary touch to the reflective sheen of the metal.

The finish is adaptable and can be polished to a high shine for dazzling beauty, or polished down for a low-sheen chrome effect. Leaving a piece of Indian white metal furniture unpolished results in a mellowing, where the silver softens into a warmer, golden hue, which looks no less beautiful than a high shine finish. And it is good to know that however long you leave it, you should be able to restore your piece to its original high brilliance with ease. Nickel is an enduring alloy and recovers easily from spills, marks and the accumulation of damp, grease or dust, taking on a pleasing appearance with the passage of time that can always be reversed and restored to its original splendour.

Embossing Indian White Metal Chests of Drawers - How Is It Done?

Embossing metal is a handicraft that has been honed over the ages in Northern India, where the techniques used today are those that have been used for hundreds of years, in an exquisite form of ornamentation with no end of applications. The surface of the furniture is covered with sheet nickel, which is lain over the fashioned piece, nailed into place and then embossed. Pre-worked patterns are made into tools that can adorn a sheer surface with the most complex artwork. Floral designs are set within geometric shapes, in endless combinations of arrangements and then polished up to a high sheen. Indentations between raised patterning naturally darken over time, lending the appearance of antiquity and accentuating the ornamented surface. This effect can always be over-ruled with the right polishing technique.

Nickel is pliable enough to be highly responsive to intricate and ornate embossing patterns and strong enough to then keep its shape, whilst also being resilient to environmental stresses and atmospheric fluctuations, as well as all kinds of marks, including water marks. Even if left uncared for, it looks beautiful and the visual effect is aesthetically pleasing. It is one of the most versatile materials for furniture and can withstand the generations of use it is likely to get.
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