Indian White Metal Bedside Chests

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Invite the spirit of India into your home with one of Iris Furnishing’s magnificent white metal bedside chests. Our white metal bedside chests have been expertly handmade by our artisan Indian wood and metalworkers, with each piece being carefully handcarved from environmentally sustainable Indian mango and sheesham wood before being covered in a layer of white metal alloy. The metal is then embossed, textured or polished to a high shine, making each bedside chest an exquisite work of art.

Where Can I Buy White Metal Bedside Chests

All of our furniture has been skilfully hand crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and aesthetics so that it will be as long-lasting as it is beautiful. Our artisan woodworkers and metalworkers in Rajasthan create these exquisite pieces following the ancient traditions of Indian furniture making, so these pieces are made using the same metal-plating techniques that have been used for hundreds of years to craft fine original furniture across northern India. Indeed, many of our Rajasthani artisans are so renowned for their woodworking and ornamentation skills that they are regularly hired to produce their outstanding pieces for royalty and the wealthy elite.

If you like a hands-on approach to furniture buying, call us to make an appointment in our Brighton showroom and we can have the pieces you’d like to see ready for viewing. Or just pop in and see our selection. Offering a vast collection of white metal furniture, including bedside cabinets, our online catalogue displays the different options available for the measurements, number of drawers or cupboards and the style of finish possible for our Indian white metal bedside chests. Lined on the inside with royal blue velvet, every attention to detail is given to ensure that the furniture is not only stunning to look at but a pleasure to use. Solid, functional and in many cases highly ornamented with decorative art, the white metal bedside chests are made with physical attractiveness in mind, built to last and continue to look good, resilient to most treatment. Easily integrated with a wide variety of interior décor schemes, the bedside chests imbue the home with the shimmering opulence of luxury and thanks to their stylistic versatility can easily complement your furnishings.

How to Order Bespoke White Metal Bedside Chests

We believe that you will find the right piece of furniture for your home in our extensive online catalogue. However, we understand that you may require a particular combination of style and size that is currently unavailable. If this is the case, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can place a bespoke order just for you. Simply let us know your requirements and we’ll soon be in touch with a personalised and completely free quotation. We deliver anywhere in the world and can arrange for your prize piece of furniture to make its way to your door at your convenience.

Our dedication to providing top-quality craftsmanship is equalled only by our dedication to raising the standards of fair trade and sustainable furniture making. We ensure that all of our craftsmen and suppliers get a great deal by personally visiting our workshops in Rajasthan throughout the year. We also only purchase sustainably-harvested sheesham and mango wood for all of our furniture to ensure that every item is as environmentally friendly as possible.

How are our White Metal Bedside Chests Made?

The hardwood is harvested from small allotments and sold through rigorously protective trade policies that seek to ensure the reforestation of India. Beautiful quality, hand checked wood is then planed, cut and carved and assembled to modern standards that maintain their ancient roots. Indian furniture is built to last, so with sturdy woodworking joints and skilled carpentry, the bedside chest is made to take weight and keep its shape, regardless of environmental stresses.

The embossed metal is nickel, chosen for its beauty and its practicality. Nickel lasts extremely well and can be polished up to a high shine again and again and again. Just like the hard wood used to construct the furniture, nickel is tough, durable and resistant to all kinds of damage.The metal is laid over the wood and fastened in place, with the fastenings sometimes on view as part of the design and other times hidden, depending on the piece.

In the workshops in Rajasthan, the master craftsmen who deploy a combination of ancient and modern technique in their crafts, set to embossing the metal with the same skills that have been tried and tested over the centuries. Traditional designs that range from floral patterns to geometric shapes are frequently punctuated with new, innovative input and the inspiration for new design is always bringing original pieces into our range, along with the more traditional versions, always available in our collection. The artisans who create our Indian wood furniture follow and maintain rigorous standards of workmanship but do not consider it a manufacturing process. Every piece is approached as a fresh, new creation and each one will display some mark of originality or variety in design that sets it apart from the others. Matching suites can be ordered all at once, or in stages. We keep the original design and it can be referred back to.

How do I clean White Metal Bedside Chests?

The Nickel is surprisingly versatile and easy to clean, meaning it can be brought back from the brink of degradation to a high, clean shine with few things leaving a permanent mark on this incredible metal. Conventional brass or silver polish will bring your chest of drawers back to whatever finished effect you prefer. And depending on how you clean it, you can have a high, reflective shine with a silver finish, or a mellow, dusky, nearly gold look. Smooth white metal bedside cabinets offer a range of finishes that depend on how you polish them, while the intricately patterned embossing can be either polished thoroughly with a tooth brush over a soft polish cloth, to clean all the nooks and crannies in the patterning, or for a more antique and characterful look, simply use a cloth to polish the raised surface and leave the embossed indents to darken over time, providing a distinctive contrast to the pattern and lending the furniture the appearance of antique authenticity.

Follow the instructions on the polish and apply a little to a soft cloth, rubbing in small circular motions until the polish turns black on the surface of the furniture. Leave this for a minute, and when it is a little less damp, use a second, clean polish cloth to rub the area to a shine. If you leave the piece unpolished, the shine will dull to a soft, chrome lustre. This can be a preferred finish for some people.
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