Painted Indian Cupboards

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On this page you’ll find a wide array of brightly painted Indian cupboards – some of the finest genuine Indian furniture available in the world – that we offer for sale at Iris Furnishing. Each of these painted cupboards has been skilfully hand crafted and painted from beginning to end by our artisan Indian woodworkers following the ancient techniques of traditional Indian craftsmanship. This process transforms the sustainably harvested Indian mango and sheesham wood into beautiful works of art that will add flair and drama to your home.

About Our Painted Indian Cupboards

Our painted cupboards are available in a wide range of sizes, colours and styles so that you can be sure to find one that fits both the mood and space of your home. Choose from our large, six-panel painted cupboards, or our smaller single-door side cupboards, or anything in between to find the perfect piece for your home. Whether you choose a large cupboard or a small one, you can rest assured that you’ll receive a gorgeous piece of authentic Indian furniture that is as practical as it is beautiful, not to mention made with the highest standards of environmental sustainability and ethical fair trade practice. Bring the magic and exoticism of India into your home with our range of beautiful hand painted authentically Indian furniture. At Iris Furnishings, we’re pleased to offer one of the largest collections of hand painted Indian furniture available in the UK. The stunning colours, intricate patterns and the quality of craftsmanship in these items are unbelievable! Peruse our catalogue to find furniture in all sizes and styles – including cupboards, wardrobes, bedside tables and much more – so you’ll be sure to find the ideal piece of furniture for your individual style and infuse your home with the elegance of India. Our Indian cupboards are delicately hand painted by our talented artists and woodworkers in Rajasthan, who transform the plain wood into a beautiful work of art. Our cupboards can be ordered in a wide range of traditional Indian patterns and styles, from small single-door cupboards to large wardrobes, suiting all of your storage needs. Each piece features a carefully hand-painted traditional Indian design such as trailing vines, Indian animals and floral motifs.

These gorgeous hand painted cupboards are as functional as they are eye-catching, and can be purchased in a range of beautiful colours to suit any type of decor. Bring the heat and colour of India into your room with our large mandala wardrobe, which features intricate mandala patterns on backgrounds of bright red and blue – a truly stunning piece. Or bring the soothing sounds of the Indian jungle to life with our green vine painted bedside cupboard, perfect for the small bedroom or even living room storage. Whatever your individual style may be, all of our exquisite Indian hand painted cupboards are crafted to the highest specifications, making them both beautiful and sturdy so they’ll last for generations to come. Each cupboard has been delicately carved and hand painted by our highly skilled artisans in Rajasthan, who follow the ancient traditions of Indian furniture making passed down from generations of woodworkers. This means that each of our lovely items has been crafted using the same techniques used to carve the gorgeous furniture that line the halls of the shimmering palaces of northern India! By purchasing one of these hand painted cupboards, you’ll bring a true piece of Indian culture into your home.

How We Can Help With Bespoke Painted Indian Cupboards

Our exotic hand painted Indian cupboards are available to purchase in such a wide array of wonderful colours and designs that you’ll certainly find one that perfectly complements your home. However, if you aren’t able to find quite what you’re looking for in our catalogue, please let us know. We are always pleased to take custom orders to ensure that you get just the item you need in the dimensions, colours and size that you want. Iris Furnishings is proud to uphold our fair trade standards and support environmental sustainability. We personally ensure that our fair trade standards are maintained through personal visits to our Rajasthan workshops throughout the year, where we meet face to face with our suppliers and artisan craftsmen. Our furniture is only made from sustainably-farmed Indian mango and sheesham wood to ensure that all of our products are as environmentally friendly as possible.
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