Painted Indian Chests of Drawers

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Iris Furnishing is pleased to offer such a wide range of exquisite, genuine Indian, hand-painted chests of drawers. This beautiful line of furniture is, like all of our authentic Indian furniture, completely handmade from beginning to end following traditional practices of Indian woodcraft. Carved from the finest, sustainably farmed Indian mango and sheesham wood, our painted chests of drawers are available in a rich array of styles, colours and designs that will infuse your home with the spirit and magic of India.

Where Can I buy Painted Indian Chests of Drawers?

Whether you’re after a bright, bold addition of colour or a more understated piece, all of our exquisite Indian hand painted chests of drawers are made to the highest standards, so that they’ll be admired for generations. Each piece of our furniture has been hand crafted from start to finish by our talented Rajasthani woodworkers. These artisans have spent years perfecting their art, learning the crafts from generations of talented master craftsmen, and are so highly valued that they are regularly commissioned by the region’s elite to craft stunning, bespoke items. The pieces we sell at Iris Furnishings have all been made following the ancient traditions of Indian woodworking, so by buying one of our pieces you’ll be bringing an authentic piece of Indian craftsmanship into your home.

How Can We Help You with your Bespoke Painted Indian Chests of Drawers?

Our hand painted Indian chests of drawers are available to order in a wide array of gorgeous colours and patterns. However, if you’re unable to find quite what you’re after on these pages or in our showroom, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re are always pleased to place bespoke orders for our customers in their chosen combination of colour and style. We can even order furniture crafted to specific dimensions for those hard-to-fit places in your home. Simply contact us to discuss your requirements and we’ll provide you with a free quote.

Iris Furnishings is ethically and environmentally minded, and we strive always to ensure that our standards of fair trade and sustainability are continually met. We make certain that all of our craftsmen receive a great deal by personally visiting them face-to-face throughout the year at our workshops in Rajasthan. All of our furniture is also made from sustainably-grown Indian mango and sheesham wood to ensure that our furniture is as environmentally-friendly as possible

How Painted Indian Chests of Drawers are Made

The Indian painted chests of drawers are crafted by hand from mango wood or sheesham wood that is sustainably harvested from small holdings, where the wood is regrown and quickly, too. These Indian hardwoods are chosen for their strength and resilience. They resist the ravages of time, decay and keep their integrity in changing atmospheric conditions. Because they are replanted and grow fast, they can be harvested in line with India’s forestation policies which are strictly upheld, with protective laws and processes governing how the wood is traded.

Quality pieces of wood are selected and then cut, planed and polished, before being assembled into solidly formed furniture, well constructed and built to last. Modern carpentry techniques are integrated with traditional styles and approaches, to retain the very best of the ancient knowledge which has found its way into modern creations, preserved and honoured and the weight of ancestral cultural heritage imbues each piece with the spirit of India that lives on in integrity.

The wood is primed and painted in the traditional styles of Udaipur and Jodhpur, with traditional Indian motifs worked into the panels and surfaces, constructed of layers of brightly coloured combinations, ever changing and unique in each new piece of Indian furniture. The intricate level of detail adorning the Indian painted chests of drawers allow for constant variations on a theme, while remaining true to their design fundamentals.

Indian painting has its roots in sacred meaning, where imagery is a universal language and the motifs in Indian art often denote stories of the archetypes in spiritual philosophies. Mandalas represent universal harmony and the cohesion that ultimately unites an infinite variety of individuated expressions. The spiritual philosophies found in Indian culture can be said to share a dialogue with the principles of order in chaos and this is reflected in the endlessly varied combinations of contrasting colours, put together for harmonious, stunning, visually pleasing aesthetics.

The idea that the true state of everything is beauty permeates all handicrafts in India. This cultural representation of truth in the beauty of architecture, furnishings and every possible creation, has long been an established feature of Indian culture. There is nothing that need not be beautiful, according to this philosophy. This leads to intricate carvings and decorated surfaces in a world made up of bright, beautiful colour.

The attention to detail is an integral part of Indian art and the artisans work with incredibly intricate ornamentation, whether the wood is carved, painted, inlaid or plated with embossed metal. The detailing generally leaves no space empty of beauty, in a feast of aesthetics to constantly promote delight, reflection and inspiration. Floral, flowing patterns, natural motifs, such as animals, plants, flowers and vines are set within the bounding geometric shapes that give symmetry and order to design.

What Looks Good With Painted Indian Chests of Drawers?

To match a set of painted Indian chest of drawers with your furniture, you can have a suitably neutral or block colour wall or walls and simply add patterned furnishings in the room, such as a cushion, or a throw. Complement this with fresh, colourful ornaments and you need only match one or two of the colours in the painted furniture for a stunning, cohesive effect in your interior décor. Choose the colours that lift your mood the most and when you walk into your chosen room, you will always feel good. In this way you can create a constantly refreshing response to furniture that will last you and never get dull.

What’s more, we find Indian furniture looks good even next to more conventionally manufactured furniture. It can easily stand alone as a feature piece, which makes it versatile and easy to integrate in such a wide range of colour schemes and furnishing styles. The protective varnish that coats the painted furniture adds a veneer and this mutes the intensity of the colours, making them ideal for livening up a sedate, neutral or minimal room.

Of course you can take the Rajasthani approach to your interior décor, combining a mix of colours and patterns and this celebration of the beauty of diversity in harmony is something we, at Iris, love. It keeps us constantly enamoured of the creations that make their way to us and is what constantly inspires us to bring them to you.
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