Painted Indian Cabinets

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Here you’ll find our wide range of brightly painted Indian cabinets that we offer for sale at Iris Furnishing. Each of these painted cabinets have been expertly hand crafted and painted from beginning to end in a process that turns our sustainably farmed Indian mango and sheesham wood into an exquisite work of art that will spice up any home.

Why Pick Our Painted Indian Cabinets?

Our painted cabinets can be ordered in a wide array of styles and sizes to ensure you can find one that fits both the mood and space of your room, from large, six-panel cabinets to smaller but just as practical single-door cabinets. Whether you choose a large cabinet or a small piece, you can relax knowing that you’ll receive a beautiful piece of authentic Indian furniture that is both beautiful and practical, as well as made with the highest standards of environmental sustainability and ethical fair trade practice. Our designs are varied to offer something to suit everyone who wants to infuse their home with Indian style and sophistication. Consider our gorgeous purple six-panel painted cabinet to add depth and richness to your home, or for a bold, bright choice, consider our stunning vase panel cabinet with its evocative designs of flowers, vines and vases. Invite the warmth and magic of India in your own home with our gorgeous hand painted furniture. At Iris Furnishings we’re proud to present one of Britain’s largest collections of authentic, hand painted Indian furniture that combines stunning colours and patterns with unsurpassed quality. Here you can find a wide range of genuine Indian furniture in all shapes, styles and patterns, from high quality cabinets to chests of drawers to bedside cupboards – so you’re sure to find a bold and stylish new centrepiece for your room!All of our Indian cabinets on these pages are intricately hand painted, turning unfinished mango and sheesham wood into a true work of art. Our cabinets can be ordered in a variety of sizes and styles, from large, six-panel cupboards to small, single-door side cabinets. Whatever size piece you need, all of our cabinets are as functional as they are beautiful.

For a bold, brightly-coloured addition to your home, take a look at our vase panel cupboard. Here, evocative designs of flowers, vases, vines and other intricate patterns bring India to life in rich colours of yellow, orange and green. If you prefer a more muted but still stunningly beautiful piece, consider our purple six-panel large cupboard. This ornately-decorated piece features elegant patterns and floral designs in purples, reds, greens and yellows, bringing the magic of India into your own home. All of our authentic, hand painted Indian furniture is crafted from beginning to end by our highly skilled woodworkers and artists in northern India, many of whom come from a long line of revered craftsmen who have passed down the ancient techniques of Indian furniture-making. Indeed, many of our talented craftsmen are so sought after that they are frequently commissioned by the royalty and the wealthy of India to create bespoke furniture to add to their impressive collections. Each piece that we sell at Iris Furnishings has been crafted to an unbeatable standard of quality so we can ensure that our furniture will remain beautiful for years to come.

How Can We Help With Bespoke Painted Indian Cabinets

The range of colours and motifs for our hand painted cupboards are nearly endless, so you’ll certainly find one that perfectly suits your style. If you don’t see exactly what you want on these pages, do let us know. We’ll be happy to place a custom order for you. Simply contact us to discuss your requirements and we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation.Iris Furnishings is always committed to the highest standards of ethical, fair trade and environmental sustainability, and we set out to meet these standards by ensuring that all of our craftsmen and suppliers get a great deal and that we use only sustainably-grown wood from renewable Indian mango and sheesham trees for all of our furniture. We can personally guarantee that these standards are upheld due to our frequent in-person trips to Rajasthan, where we meet face-to-face with our craftsmen at our workshops. You can always be proud to have Iris Furnishings in your home.
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