Indian Mother of Pearl Inlay Bedside Tables

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We hope you enjoy perusing our online catalogue of fine Indian furniture that we’ve offered for sale at Iris Furnishing. Our popular mother of pearl bedside tables are available in an extensive range of exquisite patterns, rich colours and practical styles, perfect for bedside storage and adding a touch of Indian sophistication to your bedroom. These gorgeous mother of pearl bedside tables cannot be surpassed in terms of beauty or quality.

Will a Mother of Pearl Inlay Bedside Table Match My Furniture?

At Iris Furnishing we offer one of the largest selections of authentic, hand crafted, Rajastani furniture and our mother of pearl inlay bedside tables come in a wide array of colours and patterns, with two simple designs to choose from, but with the added option to make up your own piece of furniture to order. Our mother of pearl bedside tables are very popular, with their snug fit and solid structure, able to find their way into most spaces and sit at a good height against the bed. Making a perfect decorative surface for adding an air of regal opulence to a bedroom suite that speaks of style, sophistication and a considered, creative approach to interior furnishings.

White, black or grey mother of pearl inlay bedside tables can sit beautifully with most décor schemes as stand alone items and can look especially striking with neutral colours, or against grey walls and furnishings. Monochrome furniture will sit well against most colourways too and it is simply for you to decide whether you prefer something light, to create lift and the feeling of space in a room, something black, for striking contrast and dynamic effect, or whether the clearly ornamented, yet softly and subtly defined grey mother of pearl inlay, with its mid range ability to blend, would be favourite.

When introducing coloured Indian mother of pearl inlay furniture into a room, create cohesion in your décor scheme with the simple introduction of one or two patterned furnishing accessories with complementary colours. Mother of pearl furniture has the added benefit of sitting well in a room with wooden furniture, comfortable in the warmth of natural surroundings, yet it can just as happily find its niche among synthetic fittings and fabrics, in a room with contemporary furnishings, making itself the complementary ornamented feature piece.

How do I order a bespoke mother of pearl inlay bedside table?

We have a large selection of mother of pearl inlay bedside tables in stock so the chances are we may have what you are looking for. Peruse our collection and settle on the style and colour inlay bedside table you prefer and we’ll either order it for you or, if it is readily available, organise a delivery with you right away. Based in Sussex, we deliver all over the UK and have a showroom in Brighton where you can get a feel for the stunning tactile qualities of mother of pearl inlay furniture for yourself.

However, if you require those specific measurements, perhaps the height needs to be perfect, the width needs to fit the space, maybe you’d prefer to forego cabinet space and have more drawers, perhaps it's the other way around; all of these specifications and more can be accomplished. Think about what would suit your needs and when you’ve settled on your measurements, get in touch and we will respond with a quote right away. There is no additional charge for our bespoke furniture service, so afford yourself the luxury of ordering exactly what you would like. Mother of pearl inlay furniture is made to last and there is no reason not to have the perfect Indian bedside table made for you.

How well made is a mother of pearl inlay bedside table?

Our furniture is made to last, from solid sheesham or mango wood, well known for its longevity and its qualities of strength, resilience and reliability. The solid wood working joints and thick, hard wood throughout results in a sturdy frame that can be depended upon to house heavy items with ease.

Attention to details are the signature of quality and include small but significant touches such as the handles that come in either wood and nacre to match the frame, or crystal to offset it prettily and the finished drawer interior painted to match the coloured resin of the mother of pearl inlay bedside table.

And lastly, the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each piece of finely finished mother of pearl inlay furniture speaks for itself. Each piece of nacre is hand carved to perfection and carefully inlaid onto the Indian hard wood in the high artistry of ornamental patterning that demarks the Rajasthan signature styles that have evolved each in their own area, nurtured with continued Royal patronage into flourishing traditions that attract skilled artisans who bring new, creative innovations to tried and tested designs and methodologies. Notice, for example, where the mother of pearl inlay is presented in geometric patterning, how the pattern sits neatly and perfectly aligned across drawers and doors. These finishing touches are what subtly mark our master craftsmen apart, demonstrating the work that has lined the halls of palaces and still answers to royal commissions today.

Who makes mother of pearl inlay bedside tables?

The artisans of Rajasthan learn their art from their ancestors, handed down through centuries of patronised handicrafts that now flourish in the region. Their skill is internationally acclaimed and furniture once the domain only of Rajasthani royalty is now popular throughout homes all over the world. Skilled workers are academy trained, fine-tuning their gifts and collaborating with international innovators, while keeping alive the cultural traditions that define their art.

These mother of pearl bedside tables are made in our workshops in Rajasthan and we travel there often, keeping involved in the manufacturing process without impeding the dazzling creativity of the craftsmen, who continue to delight and surprise us with new inventions and interpretations on their living, breathing art form. We invite you to appreciate the rich, physical attractiveness of their creations and delight in the generating of furniture that cannot be mass produced. No two pieces of mother of pearl inlay furniture are exactly alike. Every item is approached as a fresh creation and given the passion, care and consideration that the artistic process merits.
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