Indian Bone Inlay Coffee Tables

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Iris Furnishing’s beautiful bone inlay coffee tables exemplify some of the finest authentic Indian craftsmanship available anywhere in Britain. Our range of bone inlay coffee tables is sure to turn heads! Each is available in a wide array of colours, patterns and styles. Every piece has been carefully carved, painted and polished by our expert Indian woodworkers to create a stunning bone inlay coffee table that will add colour and vibrance to any stylish home.

Where Are Bone Inlay Coffee Tables Made?

The stunning mosaic patterns that form the basis for our bone inlay coffee tables don’t just originate from Rajasthan, but are made there, daily by master craftsmen who always see new potential in traditional designs, building on standard templates and formulas to create and innovate in a process of production that has little to do with manufacturing and everything to do with the preservation of a form of Indian art, specific to the region in which it developed. There are programmes in place to protect regional art forms and with the increased interest in Indian bone inlay furniture from an international market, the result is a thriving industry that honours and trains its artisans, pays them well and protects the development of the Indian art of bone inlay furniture and artefact embellishment. The culture of adornment is everywhere evident in Rajasthan, land of kings.

Styling Indian Bone Inlay for Neutral Interior Décor?

The timeless appearance of bone inlay furniture transcends fashion fads and it is just as well, for the craft of Indian furniture includes in its heart of principles, the necessity of creating something that will last. Indeed the wood used is mango or sheesham wood invariably, well known for its longevity as well as its strength and structural resilience. These bone inlay coffee tables are designed for more than a life-time’s enjoyment. Every carefully carved piece of ethically resourced camel bone inlay is placed with expert precision on the Indian hardwood, which is then surfaced with a composite material, dyed in batches to the bright colours you see in our collection and the whole is planed smooth for a satisfyingly smooth finish, full of tactile pleasure denoting the unmistakeable authenticity of Indian bone inlay.

The Indian bone inlay coffee table draws the eye to the centre of the room, or wherever you wish to place it for maximum effect and we recommend embellishing the piece with a vase or favoured object d’art, as it frames beautifully anything placed upon it. A celebration of beauty in your home style, it makes an elegant statement of class of a high calibre and speaks of confident sophistication.

For a neutral affair to match subtle interior décor styles, we recommend our grey bone inlay coffee table. This will complement any colour, up to and including grey walls and furnishings, where variants on a tone tend to work well together. But bear in mind, these coffee tables can be requested in any colour you see in the bone inlay collection on our website.

For a cohesive oriental theme to your living room, we would suggest the addition of another bone inlay item, placed anywhere in the room, such as a bedside table next to the sofa or a bone inlay mirror on an adjacent wall. If you would like to order a matching suite or simply one other piece of furniture in your chosen look and finish, talk to us about your requirements and we’ll let you know how easy it is and what you can expect.

How Can We Help With Your Bespoke Bone Inlay Coffee Table?

Likewise, if you would like to order your bone inlay coffee table at the perfect height, width and depth, perhaps you would prefer a certain stylistic feature for the legs, maybe a colour you do not see here, do just get in touch by phone or by email with your preferred measurements. We will quote you directly for your bespoke coffee table and let you know when you can expect to receive it.

This will be hand made in Rajasthan by the artisans who treat every item as unique and are happy to apply their originality to your creation. For this reason there is no cost for a bespoke quote and no additional charge for making a bespoke piece of furniture.

What Can We Tell You About Indian Bone Inlay Coffee Tables?

We have over 20 years experience in bringing ornate, beautifully patterned Indian furniture to an International audience and are happy to continue to delight our customers with the treasures of the orient which never fail to excite us. We have every faith that you, too will fall in love with these extraordinary examples of Indian art and if you have any questions about anything to do with ordering bone inlay furniture, or would like to know more about us and what we do, please don’t hesitate to ask us. We are always happy to share what we know.

Often in India, enjoying the remarkable hospitality of our colleagues there, we work closely with the process and know where all the raw materials come from, how they are sourced and are pleased to continue to be able to say that everything that goes into one of our finely made, hand crafted, authentic Indian bone inlay furniture is sustainably and ethically sourced and made in accordance with fair trade principles, that honour and protect the cultural heritage where these pieces of Indian hardwood furniture continue to be made and that ensure everyone is well rewarded for what they do. This enables the industry to continue to thrive and benefits all involved.

If you can’t reach us in person but would like to know more about any of the pieces of furniture you see on our website, just get in touch and ask us anything. We’re happy to bring our furniture to life with any extra pictures, details and other information that might help you in your decision making.
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