Embossed White Metal French console table

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Dimensions 100cm wide x 75cm high x 40cm deep

This console table is an extraordinary display piece to infuse a room with ornate brilliance with the suggestion of royal influence. The Indian console table speaks of stylistic grandeur, with stunning artistry invested in attention to detail, not only in the patterning itself but in features such as the plush velvet interior draw lining.  

Dimensions 100cm wide x 75cm high x 40cm deep

With ornate curving in the design and detailed emboss work, this silver table reflects the flamboyancy of French furniture that saw a revival in England in the late 19th Century. Re-imagined here with the incredibly meticulous patterning embossed in nickel and laid over Sheesham Wood, our Rajasthani artisans have once again combined the weight of tradition in exemplary Indian craftsmanship with the innovative freedom that establishes the master craftsmen as creators, rather than producers.

How is it made?

This is a Rajasthani method for metal embossing intricate and stunning floral designs in sheets of Nickel, which are cut to a pattern and then have the design gently raised in the metal, with simple hand tools for making an impression. The sheet is then overlaid onto wood and nailed in place. The final product is seamlessly studded, to create a finish that works the functionality of the carpentry and metalwork flawlessly into the aesthetics of the design.

Beauty and functionality go hand in hand in the oriental dresser, which uses solid Indian Sheesham wood throughout. Known for its resilience and durability, Indian hardwoods such as sheesham wood and mango wood are sustainably farmed and replanted in line with strict forestation policies. The woods themselves are known for their resilience to fluctuations in temperature, moisture and to time itself, resisting decay and forming an excellent fusion with the nickel metal that plates it. Nickel is corrosion resistant and can be cleaned and polished to a brilliant shine again and again and again, withstanding water marks, neglect and the tests of time.

The result is an oriental console table that is made to retain its magnificence through the ages and is truly a piece of Indian furniture invested in its future.

The master craftsmen who create pieces like this oriental dresser are academy trained in Rajasthan and inherit the techniques, skills and wisdom that has been handed down through the ages from artisans serving the Royal Rajput dynasties since the 10th Century. As such the level of skill and expertise with which each hand crafted unique piece of Indian wood furniture is formed results in a console table to serve its purpose beyond ornamentation, offering delight and joy for generations to come.

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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 35 x 100 x 75 cm
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