Our most creative and inspired chief inlay furniture designer has been at it again. With typical artistry he has created this solaris geometric bone inlay chest with a matching bone inlay bedside. Iris is going to add this one to the range, as usual you can order this new pattern in any colour, with bone, mother of pearl or acrylic inlay. Continue reading “Creative Chief Inlay Furniture Designer Has Been At It Again” »

Our chief furniture maker in Udaipur used to be a “miniature artist”, a tradition that has long been associated with the lake city, and examples of miniature paintings can be seen throughout the shops and cafes that surround lake Pichola. Traditional Hindu scenes are painted on to silk or paper with incredibly fine brushes, some with only one hair, and the level of detail is truly stunning.

Continue reading “Indian Furniture: A Rajasthani Adventure – Part 3” »

I was interested in uncovering the history of inlay furniture during my latest trip to Rajasthan. I took a trip to the famous City Palace in Udaipur, built by the Maharaja Udai Sing in the late 16th century. I learned that the city of Udaipur was built as a safer more defendable refuge from the Mughal invasion that was threatening north India.  Continue reading “Indian Furniture: A Rajasthani Adventure – Part 1” »

Iris your tables are beyond lovely! It is seldom that you can say how magical and transforming a “simple” piece of furniture is, but the two end tables have totally redefined the look and feel of our bedroom. The build quality, and the finish, are exceptional. They are objects of real beauty and artistry.

After we received the Almirahs, our life at home has changed for the better. It sounds melodramatic, but it is entirely true. The size, colour, design, and functionality of the pieces are exactly what we needed for our bedroom. In all, the room is very zen and in no small part due to these Almirahs. So, basically, I’m writing to say “thank you!”